13 Family Affirmations for Stressful Gatherings

When holidays roll around and the stressful season begins, you may find some use out of these family affirmations!

The holiday season has officially begun! As I write this, Thanksgiving is still weeks away, but I’m hearing Christmas tunes and seeing commercials about Christmas morning just about every day now.

It seems to come earlier every year.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas often come visits with family you only see once or twice a year.

And sometimes… you’re glad you only see them once in a blue moon!

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Family Affirmations – Minimize Your Stress with Mindset

Why are family gatherings so stressful?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my extended family, but there are a lot of personalities and opinions that don’t always play nice! It can definitely be stressful.

Toxic Family Members

I know many other women who have toxic relatives that they have to set strict boundaries for interaction with their families. Often women feel obligated to spend time with their toxic family members and just put up with them.

First, I’m here to tell you that you’re not obligated to anything! If you have truly toxic family members, you have the power to decline to spend time with them.

Political Differences

Sometimes, it’s not about toxicity. This country is being divided by its politics, and family is no different. I have very different political opinions than most of my family, and it is always in the back of my mind that someone will bring something up or want to start something.

But I value those relationships far more than our opinions and always strive to put the relationship first.

Why are family gatherings so stressful?

Past resentment & guilt

Even past interactions can influence your anxiety about a family event.

“Oh, Uncle Ted is going to be there? I haven’t seen him since 5 years ago when he insulted my choice to go to grad school and I never forgave him.”

(Not a real story, by the way.)

Maybe you’re feeling self conscious because of something you once said. There have been times when I inadvertently made a family member feel bad and now, when I interact with that person, it’s always on my mind.

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Family Gatherings are Stressful… But they don’t have to be

Family has the potential to get under our skin and make us say things we wouldn’t say in any other circumstance.

If you’re going to be spending some time with difficult family members over the holidays and wondering “Why are family gatherings SO stressful?”, I’ve got you covered with these affirmations for stressful family gatherings!

I’ve already been practicing affirmations for calming my introverted and sensitive mind. In addition, I have one actionable item for you to help deal with those not-so-pleasurable interactions with your family.

First, a little practical pro-action.

Do this to dispel any negative comments! Say:

“Thank you for the input. I’ll take that into consideration.”

For all unwanted comments from relatives this holiday season, remember these words: "Thank you for the input. I'll take that into consideration." Then walk away. You don't need to justify your life to anyone. (Wild Simple Joy.)

It tells the person you’re not going to agree or disagree with them, you’re going to allow them to be who they are. Then, it allows you off the hook for responding right away.

So often, there is stress from trying to respond to someone right away. We’re taken aback, we don’t know what to say, and then we stammer and try to defend our choices.

You don’t owe justification of your life to anyone.

Hopefully they won’t press the issue and will take the hint that you’re not willing to talk about it.

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Affirmations for Stressful Family Gatherings

Here are 13 affirmations for family to help you stay positive while you navigate potentially stressful situations this Thanksgiving and Christmas! Family gatherings are stressful but they can be less so… just find one or two to repeat to yourself!

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  1. I happily control what I say and how I act—and I choose to act positive.
    (I choose to be balanced in both my healthy boundaries as well as positivity and understanding.)
  2. Love flows from me and around me.
    (In other words, you can’t control what great-aunt Mary will say about how many pounds you’ve gain since your last child, but goddammit, you’re going to respond peacefully instead of take her bait.)
  3. There is peace inside my heart today and every day.
    (Your environment might be stressful, But inside is calm!)
  4. I speak and act from a place of understanding.
  5. Only I can choose how I respond to others. I respond politely and firmly.
  6. I only allow acceptance and understanding in my heart.
    (I refuse to judge others, I want to allow things to be as they are instead of meddle.)
  7. I believe that others are truly good natured and loving at heart.
  8. I am here because I value family.
  9. My children are growing up knowing the love of family.
  10. The past is in the past. I am building a new, positive future with my family.
  11. I remember the good memories I share with my family.
  12. I put my relationship with my family first.
  13. I speak and act out of love.

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