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20 Positive Affirmations for Mondays

Take a deep breath: you can use these Affirmations for Mondays to breathe life back into the first day of the week! Mondays can bring intense feelings of dread and annoyance and is largely regarded as the worst day of the week.

Just take a look at the Monday page at Urban Dictionary! Some of my favorites include:

The biggest waste, of exactly one seventh of your life.


The world’s way of telling us, “Here, take this you little bitch.”


Woman using affirmations for Mondays and stressful work days

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20 Affirmations for Mondays

You might be wishing you had a job to work from home. Or you might be wishing you had a job that would allow you to travel. You might be wishing you could live off a large inheritance and never have to work again!

(Don’t we all!)

But the reality is that there will always be work, and there will always be stress in our lives to varying degrees. Even if you worked from home, there would still be work. Even if you traveled, your job would still be stressful.

The questions is: How will you choose to react when you are met with a stressful situation (or day of the week) that you don’t necessarily want to meet head on?

It’s all about mindset.

Mug "Ugh."

You’re probably here because you want to change your Monday mindset!

That’s awesome!

Affirmations are all about changing our mindset to a more positive, healthy, and joyful one. When we change our mindset, we require our brains to choose behavior that matches our new mindset. With regular change comes newly formed, healthier habits and eventually they become our lifestyle!

What Are Affirmations and How Do They Work?

It is completely possible to use these Monday Affirmations to completely transform your Monday into a day of peace, joy, and intention.

Need more evidence? Watch one of my favorite videos of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s TedX talks and the science behind requiring your brain:

Basically, it’s completely your choice to have a good Monday or to have a dreadful one! Which will you choose?

Monday, Monday


No one should dread Mondays. Why give up a seventh of your life to such negativity? Monday is another day, like any other, and you can accomplish amazing and wonderful things on Monday, same as any other day!

As you say these affirmations, choose one or two that resonate the most to you to repeat throughout the day.

If you find yourself rolling your eyes at these, saying they aren’t going to work, I challenge you to take a breath, say it anyway, and allow the words to be.

Don’t react. Don’t get emotionally attached to Monday as a negative day.

Every time you start feeling upset about returning to work, take a breath.

There is joy, balance, and gratitude to be found in EVERY day… including Mondays!

Here we go!

Still need some more inspiration? Take your affirmation practice to the next level and check out the Best Affirmation Cards for 2020!

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20 Affirmations for Mondays

  1. Today I choose joy!
  2. I set my intention to find joy in today and every day.
  3. Mondays are my best day of the week!
  4. Monday is my favorite day!
  5. I am alert, focused, and productive today!
  6. Today is like Christmas, there at little gifts and warm joy around every corner!
  7. I choose to see the good in today!
  8. I am grateful for Mondays. I have a job that brings me money and security!
  9. I bring joy to my coworkers so that they may choose to bring joy to me!
  10. I work hard for my job and career! I am thankful for what my job brings me!
  11. Today, I am filled with patience and peace.
  12. I live every day intentionally and with great meaning.
  13. I am happy to go to work!
  14. I am grateful for Mondays that I can get out of bed and go to work.
  15. My heart fills with gratitude that I have a job.
  16. I work where I am valued and appreciated.
  17. I find an abundance of things to enjoy throughout the work day.
  18. I work hard for my life and money.
  19. I appreciate the start of the week that allows me a new start.
  20. Today, I am filled with gratitude and joy!


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Affirmations for Mondays

Originally published: November 11, 2019
Updated: February 26, 2020


Friday 13th of December 2019

Great affirmations! I am always looking for some motivating quotes- they help me get through the day!

Julie Smith

Friday 13th of December 2019

I think Mondays are especially hard at this time of year, so thanks for the push to get out of bed in the morning ;)


Thursday 12th of December 2019

I think we all can agree that some affirmations on Monday can really help jump start your week! I am all about affirmations; more particularly self-affirmations! Sometimes you really just need a boost! Thank you for sharing!

Amy Gougler

Thursday 12th of December 2019

These are beautiful and positive affirmations that I'm definitely pinning for later. I agree that we need to cut the negativity associated with Monday!

Sandra Tanner

Thursday 12th of December 2019

Monday’s are not bad for me personally but I have 3 kids who I need to motivate and get out of bed for school so these suggestions will help me make their Monday’s manageable. #momlife

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