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43 Inspiring Gifts for Spiritual Healing

When you’re looking for spiritual wellness gifts this holiday season, it can be difficult to find something personal enough. But these are gifts for spiritual healing which range from general to personal and would be great for anyone who is hoping to connect with their spiritual side.

The gift ideas on this list are perfect for any spiritual person. You can give a gift that will ignite the fire of personal growth, help with anxiety and depression, uplift a sense of hope and joy in someone’s life, bring balance to their world, connect them to their spirituality more deeply…the list goes on!

Your friends and family who will be receiving these gifts will love these and will surely find good vibes and healing in their lives.

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Meditation Birthday Box from The Lovely Box Shop
Photo Credit: The Lovely Box Shop (See Below)

Gift Ideas to Clear Away Negative Energy

1) Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl from Maas Collections

A Tibetan Singing Bowl is an ancient instrument that originated in Asia, specifically Nepal and Tibet. Singing bowls are made of metal or crystal and produce an entirely unique ambiance by striking the bowl or rubbing a mallet along the inside of the bowl to produce a constant tone.

Each bowl has its own pitch, and each pitch is associated with healing a particular chakra. Chakra healing is a spiritual practice which involves healing and balancing the energy of each chakra. A Tibetan Singing Bowl is a great gift for spiritual people who want to balance their chakras and bodily energy.

2) Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz Tower from Luxe Crystals Shop Spiritual Wellness Gift

Clear quartz is the ultimate spiritual healer. Clear quartz amplifies a person’s energy, by absorbing, storing, and releasing it. It helps to balance the entire body and can even help protect the immune system. A spiritual person can sit the crystal near them during meditation or sleep to really absorb that positive energy and cleanse the muddled energy.

When looking for clear quartz as a gift idea, they come in all different sizes, shapes, and clarities. You can get it raw, in the shape of a tower, or as a crystal ball. I personally prefer a tower shape, as you can appreciate the clarity of the quartz without being too processed or perfectly formed.

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3) Himalayan Salt Lamp

A himalayan salt lamp is usually a table top light fixture which has had a bulb inside of it. The Himalayan salt lamps generate their own heat and create an ambient, orangey glow. They are generally maintained in a wooden or ceramic base.

Supposedly, a Himalayan salt lamp releases negative ions, which can help with cleansing the air and relieving stress or depression. However, scientifically there is no basis for this. That doesn’t mean that a himalayan salt lamp can’t provide different health benefits for the people who use them. Himalayan salt lamps give off a warm, orange light which has been proven to help alertness and cognitive brain function.

If you’re looking for a gift that actually puts off negative ions and cleanses the surrounding air, try one of these negative ion air purifiers instead.

4) Rose Quartz Mala Beads

Rose Quartz Mala Beads Necklace from Hot Seasons Gifts for Spiritual Healing

Mala beads are a spiritual tool that originated in Hinduism and Buddhism. They’re a string of beads worn around the wrist, arm, or ankle which is used in meditation practice. Mala beads come in different stones with their own meanings.

The first mala bead necklace here is a more expensive option from Etsy, and the lower mala bead necklace is a less expensive one from Amazon.

Mala beads can be used during any kind of meditation to help focus the mind on the words being spoken or chanted. By concentrating on one bead at a time while chanting or counting mantras, it is believed that your intentions will manifest themselves more quickly and successfully.

When looking for a set of mala beads, make sure you get something with natural stone or beads (not plastic). These mala beads are made of rose quartz, which is an excellent stone for your fourth chakra, or heart chakra. Rose quartz crystal energy can help with opening our hearts and developing compassion.

Some other crystals to consider: moonstone for the femininity and moon’s energy, aventurine for abundance, or amethyst for spiritual connection.

For more mala beads, check out these:
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5) Essential Oil Set

Essential oils are powerful oils that have been derived from various herbs and plants and can help influence the energy of spiritual people. Of course different oils have different healing properties. For example, lavender essential oil can help promote restful sleep while grapefruit or orange essential oil can be stimulating and help increase your blood flow.

Get a kit with some common essential oils, or get one with a diffuser to make someone’s meditation space smell lovely! While I do mostly use DoTerra essential oils, Plant Therapy is a less expensive brand that I trust and use, and you can get it on Amazon.

6) Cleansing Sage or Herbs

Organic White Sage Bundle from Whispering Winds Shop Indigenous Grown

Burning dried sage or other herbs can be great for clearing psychic energy. There are many different kinds that you can get, but white sage is the most common.

Watch that you don’t call these sage smudge sticks unless you’re Indigenous to North America. Smudging is one of many Native American Traditions that has been culturally appropriated. While smudging itself is a very particular ritual that is sacred to many Indigenous nations, many cultures used herbs to cleanse the spiritual air.

Last, white sage is a protected plant, so make sure you’re getting it from a trusted source and an Indigenous grower if you can, like the listing above!

7) Reiki Stones

Reiki Set Stones from HEavenly Hollow Dist, Spiritual Wellness Gifts

This set of 4 stones helps with the flow of your body’s ki (also called qi or chi) and can help a spiritual person clear their chakras. The word Reiki means “universal”. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique in which the healer uses their hands to cleanse the energy of a person. It’s great for stress relief and detoxing tension and trauma in the body.

These stones can help your special person to direct the flow of energy in their life where they want to go. These stones are made of clear quartz.

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Gifts for Spiritual Healing to Find Inner Peace

8) You Are Here

This book is written by Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Helping you to live in the present moment, You Are Here is a wonderful gift about life, inner peace, and finding healing in your life.

9) When Things Fall Apart

Pema Chodron, American Buddhist nun, is a wonderful writer and explains Buddhist concepts in very accessible ways. This book in particular is about how to handle difficult times in your life. Chock full of spiritual wisdom, When Things Fall Apart helps spiritual people

Check out more Spiritual Books for yourself or a spiritual friend.

10) The Untethered Soul

This book is fantastic for the spiritual beginner and walks the reader all the way through more advanced concepts. So if you know someone who is starting a spiritual practice, this may be a good introduction for them. Michael Singer is not Buddhist, but rather talks about many Buddhist and spiritual practices and principles in a very easy way to understand.

11) Affirmation Cards

As a regular user of affirmations and affirmation cards, I can attest to the positive vibes they can have on your life and well being. Affirmation cards can really help lead a person to self discovery and better emotional health.

This set of affirmation cards has a lot of affirmations and is a great starter set for both men and women. Encourage this spiritual person to use them in their daily life for best results.

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12) Buddhism for Beginners

If someone is looking to begin a buddhist practice, this is a great gift idea for them. An introductory look into zen Buddhism, Buddhism for Beginners gives the reader the basics of Buddhism and how to use those principles in their life.

13) Beautiful Tree of Life Journal

Tree of Life Leather Journal from Status Co Leather Spiritual Healing Gifts

When it comes to spiritual gifts, this is definitely a unique gift! This handmade leather journal has the tree of life on it and includes many pages of blank, natural paper for all thoughts and ideas. Journaling is a great way to contemplate things in our lives and develop our spirituality.

Try these other morning routine ideas for spiritual growth.

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Self-Care Gifts Spiritual People Can Use in Everyday Life

14) Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf tea gift set by Rozalia Crafts

The perfect gift for tea lovers, loose leaf tea is not just something that tastes good, but is a full mind and body experience.

This set comes with 10 different loose leaf teas with accessories. The perfect mindfulness gift for a tea lover!

15) Energy Cleanse Spiritual Bath Salts

Energy Cleanse Bath Salts from Thru the Myst

A great gift for a spiritual person who needs a little TLC, bath salts help relieve stress and promote wellness. This bath salts blend has Dead Sea salt, herbs, and flowers, and then is charged by a Reiki healer.

16) Copper Water Bottle

Copper Water Bottle from Yogmudra

In the Ayurvedic tradition, copper is a useful purifier for water. The claims are that copper can help your immune system, mental health, and emotional health.

This water bottle has a large volume. Make sure you encourage your gift recipient to follow the cleaning directions!

17) Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar

Ultimate Ayurveda Massager from Kandes Glitter, Gifts for Spiritual Wellness

A great gift for a spiritual person who needs a little TLC, bath salts help relieve stress and promote wellness. It’s designed to decrease dandruff, increase scalp health, and has a lot of great oils in it!

In Ayurveda, it’s so important to care for both your body and your spirit.

18) Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

Crystal Water Bottle Infuser for Healing from Ca Nature Lover

A water bottle with a crystal inside can help your drinking water absorb the intentions of the stone and promote healing. With these water bottles, the crystal inside infuses your water.

This product has 7 different stones to choose from, including Obsidian, Amethyst, Fluorite, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Smokey Quartz.

Spiritual Wellness Gifts for Your Meditation Space

19) Meditation Pillow

Zen Meditation Cushion from Shakti Warrior

Finding comfort during a meditation session can make or break your experience.

This meditation pillow is eco friendly, with a cork outside and buckwheat inside. The best part is that it’s not very expensive as far as eco-friendly meditation pillows go!

So if your spiritual person is in need of a new meditation pillow, this one’s a great choice.

20) Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Natural Cork Yoga Mat from Sew Swank Shop

For the spiritual people in your life who have a yoga practice, a new, eco-friendly yoga mat is the best gift you can get them.

It comes with different prints and an optional bag and makes a great gift!

21) Amethyst Geode

Amethyst Cluster from World Incense Store

An amethyst geode is such a versatile gift. It’s a great gift idea for spiritual people who consider themselves hippie or bohemian, but it is also wonderful for a book lover’s library or a romantic bedroom.

Amethyst is associated with connections to the spiritual plane and our 7th chakra, which is also purple.

22) Chakra Throw / Tapestry

Seven Chakra Tapestry Bohemian from Beach and Barrel Design

This is a gift idea for spiritual people who are starting a meditation space and need some decor. Colorful and bright, this throw could go on the wall as a tapestry, draped over a chair or sofa, or protecting a table.

It’s somewhat delicate, so it might not be great as a rug, but it’s a lovely, colorful display with symbols for all seven chakras.

23) Hamsa Wall Decor

Hamsa Wall Art from Grader Designs

Hamsa is sign of protection and is often hung above front doors and in babies’ rooms. The Hamsas made by this artist are one of a kind and are incredibly beautiful.

Shipping is high on this gift, so just watch your budget!

24) Chakra Wall Decor

Metal 7 Chakra Wall Hanging from Artepera Wall Art Decor

If you’d like a spiritual aesthetic gift that is a bit more durable and not quite as expensive, these chakra symbols are lightweight and would be great in a yoga studio or massage business.

25) Yoga Wooden Wall Decor

Wooden Yoga Figure Tomas Craft Place

Here’s another decor item for those who practice yoga. Yoga is such a healing part of a daily routine. This one is made from wood and is small and inexpensive.

26) Lotus Candle Holder

3-piece Lotus Flower Candle Holder from Spice Decor

Candles are a part of my healing rituals, from doing candle meditations to using the orange light as ambiance in the evening.

These bright and colorful lotus flower candle holders are beautiful and delicate. Make sure you get some tea candles or votive candles to go with them!

27) Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tibetan Prayer Flags from Mystic Tea Trinkets

Spiritual people may or may not resonate with these prayer flags, but they’re a great gift for someone who loves travel and culture.

Tibetan prayer flags are made in Nepal and the seller donates to the “International Campaign for Tibet”. Make sure you hang them up on the correct day!

28) Lotus Suncatcher

Lotus Suncatcher from Sun Catcher By Jennifer

Great for a window or an outdoor space like a patio, this lotus suncatcher is purple and iridescent. In Buddhism, the lotus represents the purity of the soul and is a symbol of a person’s enlightenment.

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Spiritual Jewelry

29) Tree of Life Bracelet

Tree of Life Bracelet African Turquoise from Evelyn Creation Store

When it comes to best gifts for spiritual wellness, this is wonderful for a particular someone in your life. The Tree of Life is a symbol of a rebirth and a fresh view on life. African Turquoise beads help with structure and balance.

30) Hamsa Necklace

Gold Hamsa Necklace from Emery and Opal

This cute Hamsa is small and minimalist, as well as quite affordable. Hamsa is all about protection. You can add additional options, like a birthstone or charm.

30) Chakra Necklace

Chakra Necklace from Namaste Crystal Babe, Spiritual Wellness Gifts

A more boho or hippie option than the other necklaces here, this chakra necklace includes beads for each chakra and color of the rainbow and a center clear quartz. It comes in recyclable packaging.

31) Om Symbol Necklace

If you want your spiritual person to reflect on the good vibes in their life each day, an Om necklace is a perfect gift idea.

“Om” is a word in Hinduism that reflects all of humanity and the universe: the primordial sound of creation. Om is used for meditation and yoga to connect to all other life.

33) Mala Bracelet

Rose Quartz and Jade Mala Bracelet from Apartment 020

A mala bracelet is similar to a full set of mala beads, except that it has many fewer beads, and thus you can meditate for a shorter period of time.

This Rose Quartz and Jade one is a beautiful choice for feminine energy, and the lava stone and tiger eye one is one for grounding, more masculine energy.

Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers for Spiritual Wellness

34) Herb and Flower Candle

Abundance Candle from Scentual Goddess

A candle is a perfect gift for self care that is easy and inexpensive. It’s designed and handmade for the user to attract abundance into their life.

Check out the affirmations that they recommend to use with this soy, all-natural candle!

35) Worry Stone

Worry stones are great mindfulness gifts. They are smooth, round stones that you can hold in your palm and rub gently to relieve stress.

This worry stone comes in all kinds of different stone types, from Aventurine to Tiger’s Eye. They clearly label all the ones that are not true stones or are dyed.

36) Shungite EMF Protection Cell Phone Sticker

Shungite Cell Phone Sticker for EMF Protection from Sol Seed Emanations

Electromagnetic radiation is the energy that is emitted by electronic devices like phones, computers, TVs, and many more things in our modern world. Protecting ourselves from this radiation can help us gain better health, especially through better sleep.

Shungite is a natural stone from Russia. You can also wear shungite as a necklace for added protection.

37) Incense Holder & Incense

Stoneware Incense Holder from Sothern Clayworks

Incense isn’t for all spiritual people. Many people are sensitive to scents or smoke, so be mindful before purchasing any incense. (Incense is often more overwhelming than essential oils.)

Incense can help with altered states of being that can help with meditation or self-reflection.

SHOYEIDO Plum Blossoms Incense, 150 Sticks - Baika-ju

38) Raw Healing Crystals

Raw Natural Gemstones from World Incense Store

Simple and inexpensive, raw crystals or stones are a great addition to an altar, meditation space, or even to just put on your work desk. Remember, different crystals have different intentions, so get ones that reflect whatever this spiritual person is trying to achieve in their life.

39) Chakra Wand

Mini Chakra Wand with Selenite from Earths Altar

A chakra wand has many different uses. You can use it to clear blocked energy in meditation, to clear away negative energy in a space, or as decor.

Just be sure to recharge your crystals!

Spiritual Awareness Gift Boxes

40) Meditation Birthday Box

Meditation Birthday Box from the Lovely Box Shop

This spirituality kit includes a green chakra tapestry, palo santo and sage, a candle, incense and incense plate, 9 piece crystal set, and matches. It’s packed full with things that anyone can use in their meditation space or home for peace of mind.

41) House Cleansing Kit Gift Box

House Cleansing Kit from Pravana Spiritual Shop

This gift set is all about cleansing our living space. This is a particularly powerful gift idea for someone who has just moved into a new house or apartment, or has had a recent breakup and needs to cleanse the energy of their home.

42)Sending Good Vibes Spa Gift Box

Sending Good Vibes Healing Spa Gift from Peace Organics

This good vibes box includes more self-care items for those spiritual people who perhaps need to take a step back from the grind and bring light back to their hearts through rest and care.

It includes socks, a candle and matches, lotion, chapstick, tea, and sweets.

43) Grow Through What You Go Through, Succulent Gift box

Grow Thru what You Go Thru Bos from Succulent Bar Store

This lovely mindfulness box includes prayer beads, a hardcover journal, and a live succulent with a pot and potting soil.

Help your spiritual person cultivate life, growth, and positive energy with this succulent box.

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