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The 18 Best Mala Beads for Meditation (Summer 2021)

Have you recently picked up a meditation practice to enhance your spiritual development? I also started a meditation practice years ago. Adding Mala Beads to your meditation practice is a great way to take your spiritual enlightenment to the next level. Check out these 18 best mala beads for meditation, updated August 2021 for the most recent mala beads on Amazon and Etsy!

The Best Mala Beads for Your Meditation Practice

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The Best Mala Beads to Transform Your Meditation Practice

Before you take a look at the pictures below, here are the top 6 mala beads that stood out among the rest!

TOP RATED: 7 Chakra Mala Beads: Harmony Life Shop has almost 10,000 sales and a 5★ review! Some comments include: “Superb craftsmanship”… “beautifully packaged…”, “wonderful customer service…”, “would highly recommend!”
$BEST VALUE: Healing Mala Beads on Amazon are available in many types and colors of stones and are very affordable for someone just getting started with mala beads.
MOST VERSATILE: 7 Stone Chakra Mala Beads on Amazon are colorful and versatile for your meditation needs (with stones for all 7 chakras)
BEST QUALITY/LUXURY: Emotional Healing Mala Beads by Yoga Dot Om are luxurious and the highest quality available on Etsy. All mala beads offered by this shop are going to meet your needs of quality and attention to detail above all else.
BEST SMALL BEADS: Jade Mala Beads for Wealth and Prosperity are absolutely exquisite, and with beads that are 6mm, they won’t be too large or overwhelming for small hands or a small frame.
OUR #1 PICK! Success and Abundance Mala Beads from Mint & Glamour are both beautiful and balanced. They will help protect you from negative energies and draw positive things to you! Over 7,000 sales and a 5★ review!
Scroll down to see pictures. These 6 are at the very bottom.

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What are Mala Beads?

Mala beads are a necklace specifically used for meditation. They are made from gems and beads that align to specific needs and properties of the user, and are usually paired with an affirmation or mantra that you chant during your meditation practice.

I actually made my own mala beads when I started meditating after my miscarriage because I was unable to find a pre-made one that included all the stones that I wanted to utilize.

Here are some common stones used to make mala beads and what they are used for:

LabradoriteGrayRelieving stress
MoonstoneWhite, clearA great feminine energy stone for empowerment
and female spirit
HowliteWhite & GreyCalming, great for anxiety and stress
AmethystPurpleBalances the 7th chakra for spiritual enlightenment
RhodonitePinkClears negative energy from the heart chakra,
heals past wounds, nurtures compassion
Rose QuartzPinkThe ultimate heart chakra stone, for love
and compassion
Lapis LazuliBlueIntuition and Focus
AmazoniteBlue, green, whiteAbundance and manifestation
African TurquoiseBlue/GreenCalled the “Stone of Evolution”, helps positive
change from within
JadeGreen, Blue, YellowBalances the heart and throat chakras
Tiger EyeBrown/RedProtective stone
Black ObsidianBlackProtective stone

Traditionally, they are made of round beads (not other shapes) and thread, and they have knots between the beads so they don’t slide around. There is nothing wrong with beads that are made with elastic instead, just be aware that they are not traditional-style beads. Often there are markers every few beads to help you keep your place when you are meditating.

In the article above, you can learn more about the anatomy of mala beads and learn about more stones than are mentioned above.

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The Best Mala Beads List

Because many of these Mala beads are from the online shops at Etsy, they may be one of a kind. I will try to update this list as often as possible to be sure that all of these Mala Beads are available. If you find ones that you like and it’s not listed anymore, check the shop to see if they have something similar.

At Wild Simple Joy, we believe in mindfulness, self-reflection, offsetting carbon footprints, and supporting small businesses. We are hippies, after all. Etsy is an online storefront that allows small businesses and shops to keep most of their earnings. They offset the environmental harm of shipping.

Many of these beads are on Amazon though, so use the platform you feel most comfortable with.

These beads are all 108 meditation beads of 6-8MM in size. They have been marked with $ to denote how much to spend:

$ = $5-30
$$ = $30-70
$$$ = $70-150

Because these natural stones can be of different qualities, the more expensive the beads, the higher quality of stone. (The higher quality, the more clarity and power a stone has.) It is not uncommon to spend $70-150 on a set of high quality, handmade mala beads.

Make sure you read:
How to Choose the Best Mala Beads for You!

6 Ways to Use Your Mala Beads

Quality Expectations

I have gone through close to 100 listings of mala beads on Etsy and Amazon.

These were all listings with 4.5-5 star reviews and highly recommended shops with hundreds to thousands of sales.

The Best 18 Mala Beads for Meditation

**The best ones are at the bottom, so make sure you scroll all the way down to see them all!

Basic Wood Beads – $

Purpose: These are all-purpose or great for getting started if you’re not ready to dive into the heavier, more expensive stones yet. The wood beads are on elastic and do not have knots or markers.

Stones Used: Choose your type of wood. Black rosewood is shown in the picture to the left.

Platform: Amazon

These Mala beads from New England Gems are some of the best basic wood mala beads for meditation and mindfulness.

Basic Wood Beads – $$

Purpose: These basic, all purpose wood beads are clean, high quality, and highly rated! There is beauty in simplicity, and these beads can be made with different colored thread and tassel!

Stones Used: sandalwood and tiger eye (guru bead)

Platform: Etsy

Stress-relieving Mala Beads – $

Purpose: An excellent choice for helping to relieve stress, these beads are affordable, hand-knotted, and have excellent reviews! There are additional stones/colors available in this listing, so be sure to check out the page if you can’t find the color or stone you’re looking for on this page.

Stones Used: White Howlite

Platform: Amazon

Aarttitude Mala Mala beads for stress

Mala Bead for Stress-Relief – $$$

Purpose: This beautiful green and peach mala necklace is made of energizing and balancing stones that will restore well-being and relieve stress.

Stones Used: Aqua Terra Jasper, Sunstone, Aventurine

Platform: Etsy

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Mala Beads for Evolution – $

Purpose: African turquoise helps to enhance positivity and sensitivity, so it is perfect for opening yourself to transformation and evolution in your life. There are additional stones in this listing (some are not traditional malas, though, so watch out!)

Stones Used: African Turquoise

Platform: Amazon

Healing mala beads from Handcraft Harmony

Mala Beads for Healing & Evolution – $$

Purpose: Handcraft Harmony has some excellent choices for mala beads! This necklace has bloodstone, which is an ideal choice for bringing clarity and transformation.

Stones Used: Bloodstone, Wood beads

Platform: Etsy

These Hot Seasons Mala Beads for spirituality are some of the best mala beads for spiritual meditation and the 7th chakra.

Spirituality Mala Beads to Raise Your Vibration – $$

Purpose: Another option for small beads (6mm), this mala necklace is only about 32″ long. Designed to raise the vibration of the wearer, it helps connect you to spiritual and metaphysical energy, which makes it one of the best mala beads for meditation on the Crown chakra.

Stones Used: Lepidolite and Pink opal

Platform: Etsy

Zen Spirit Malas mala beads for protection

Ultimate Protection Mala Bead – $$

Purpose: Labradorite is a great stone to protect against negative energy. Use it with meditation, set an intention, and it will absorb your positive vibes. Carry them with you into negative situations to protect against that negative energy!

Stones Used: Labradorite, wood beads

Platform: Etsy

Many Many Bliss Malas protection

Protection Tiger Eye Mala Beads – $$

Purpose: Designed for lifting spirits, grounding, and accomplishing goals, these mala beads will help protect you and your energy.

Stones Used: Tigers Eye, Hawks Eye, Red Tiger Eye, Smoky Quartz

Platform: Etsy

Malaology Protection mala beads, the best mala beads for meditation on the root chakra.

Black Obsidian Mala Beads for Protection – $$$

Purpose: This mala is fully black obsidian, and it is a stone for the first (root) chakra. To aid in security, protection, and grounding, your root chakra energy will help you reach the other chakra energies with ease.

The nice thing about this necklace is that you can choose whether you want it knotted or elastic, and different numbers of beads! Good options!

Stones Used: Black obsidian

Platform: Etsy

Luna Soul Wellness Abundance and hope mala beads

Amazonite “Abundance” Mala Beads – $$

Purpose: With stones of love and abundance, this meditation necklace will help bring you peace, love, and compassion. This is an excellent manifestation tool to help balance your energies and bring all of your dreams to fruition.

Stones Used: Rose Quartz, Amazonite

Platform: Etsy

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These 7 Chakra Mala Beads from True Nature Jewelry on Etsy are some of the best mala beads for meditation.

7 Chakra Mala Beads – $$$

Purpose: The 7 Chakra Mala Beads by True Nature Jewelry are designed to “unify, connect and balance the chakras”.

Stones Used: These beads have over 40 beads that they use! I will not list them all here, but please go to the listing to see what stones are used and which chakra they correspond to.

Platform: Etsy

Best Value!Emotional Healing Mala Beads – $

There are different stones available with this listing, so use the chart above to compare different stones to find the ones that best fit the change you’re trying to make!

Purpose: These light pink mala beads are excellent for healing emotional past traumas, clearing away negative energies, and balancing yin and yang (or feminine and masculine energies).

Stones Used: Rhodonite.

Platform: Amazon

Raven in a world tree abundance mala beads

Best Small Beads!Jade Mala Beads for Wealth and Prosperity – $$$

Purpose: This mala necklace is absolutely exquisite, and with beads that are 6mm, they won’t be too large or overwhelming for small hands or a small frame. The green jade is an excellent manifestation tool to help bring you wealth and prosperity!

Stones Used: Green Jade

Platform: Etsy

Most Versatile!7 Stone Chakra Mala Beads – $

Purpose: Mala beads with 7 different colored stones are used for the chakras, or energy centers, in the body. These stones are said to help balance energies and restore healing to the body.

Stones Used: Striped Agate, Red Agate, Jasper, Green Agate, Variscite Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst

Platform: Amazon

These Harmony Life Shop Chakra beads are great mala beads for meditation

Top Rated!7 Stone Chakra Mala Beads – $$

Harmony Life Shop has almost 10,000 sales and a 5★ review! Some comments include: “Superb craftsmanship”… “beautifully packaged…”, “wonderful customer service…”, “would highly recommend!”

Purpose: These mala beads are great for balancing your energies, clearing chakras, and general use. The shop will cleanse the beads with sage and charge them with Reiki before shipping them off!

Stones Used: Red coral, carnelian, yellow jade, green jade, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, charoite, white onyx. There is an extensive description of the beads in the listing on Etsy.

Platform: Etsy

Yoga dot Om Mala beads jade

Best QualityEmotional Healing Mala Beads – $$

These exquisite beads from Yoga Dot Om are some of the highest quality and highly rated ones you can buy anywhere online. All mala beads offered by this shop are going to meet your needs of quality and attention to detail above all else.

Purpose: These emotional healing beads will help with inner transformation, emotional balance, and stability.

Stones Used: White Jade, Flower Jade, Crystal Quartz, Malachite

Platform: Etsy

Success mala beads mint and glamour

OUR PICK!Success and Abundance Mala Beads – $

These Amazonite beads are bright, beautiful, and stunning! These are fantastic beads no matter your purpose or intention! The shop is rated 5★ and has over 7,000 sales.

Purpose: Great for health, wealth, and abundance, Amazonite helps to balance your energy and draw positive things to you. Associated with the throat chakra, it can help heal throat and sinus issues.

Stones Used: Amazonite, sandalwood

Platform: Etsy

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