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40 Full Moon Affirmations for Reflection and Manifestation

The full moon is a great time to do reflection and to spend some time actively building your mindset. Whether you’re a witch, a student of astrology, or simply want to utilize energies of the world around you for your benefit and manifestation, the full moon is an excellent time of month for basking in the culmination of yang energy.

Use these full moon affirmations to set the mood whenever you do full moon rituals or need more potent words to manifest everything you’ve been wanting.

Full moon with clouds

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What is a Full Moon?

A full moon is when the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the earth. The moon reflects the sun’s light during the night, and the whole face of the moon is illuminated by light. This is the astronomy, or science, behind a full moon.

The astrology of a full moon says that this is a time of heightened energy. If you are the least bit superstitious, then you’ve probably blamed crazy drivers on the road or co-workers acting weird at work on the full moon.

But it is scientifically proven that people actually get less sleep during full moons and that they get more REM sleep. REM stands for rapid-eye-movement, meaning that it’s the perfect time to dream. You might have noticed getting less sleep and having more dreams during full moons as well! (I certainly have.)

Energies of a Full Moon

As the moon is moving toward a full moon and growing with each passing day, this is a time for action! This is a time when energies of the month are at their peak. The full moon has a more masculine “doing” energy.

But this is also the last phase in the growing energy, and after after a full moon, the abundant energies of the moon start to wane. This waning is a time of reflection and consideration.

The beautiful transition between doing and being is where the full moon sits. It is a time of reaping our hard work and earned dues.

Rituals to Perform

Consider doing full moon rituals like cleansing your space with sage, charge your crystals, and doing some journaling and reflection. Consider how far you’ve come on your recent journeys, and make sure you’re using that information to continue your journey. It is a wonderful time for gratitude.

Here’s a great site with some information about full and new moons, as well as an excellent ritual to perform on the full moon.

Avoid These Rituals or Tasks

But beware: there are certainly some tasks to avoid doing during the full moon. These include:

  • Starting something new
  • Pushing or overextending yourself
  • Getting into heated debates or intense discussions
  • Blocking self-awareness or failing to appreciate your journey

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40 Full Moon Affirmations

Use these affirmations for full moons to activate your energies, reflect on your journey, and ease off the masculine energies of doing.

  1. I am limitless.
  2. On this night, I release anything that does not serve my higher self.
  3. I am deeply dedicated to my growth.
  4. With this breath, I find balance between masculine and feminine energies.
  5. I am. I see.
  6. I feel deeply connected with all of life.
  7. I am grateful for the passions of my life.
  8. I am a beacon for all that is good, hopeful, and pure.
  9. I take what is given and reflect light back to the world.
  10. My soul is deeply satisfied and fulfilled.
  11. I soak up this energy to use as a vessel for good.
  12. I am filled with immense gratitude!
  13. I see the truth. I speak the truth.
  14. I shine like a celestial being on everyone around me!
  15. Those around me look to me for guidance.
  16. I am whole just as I am.
  17. I gently release negativity.
  18. I feel a deep sense of pride as I reflect back on my journey.
  19. I love where I came from, and I love where I’m going.
  20. I am a master manifestor, and I actively bring my deepest desires into fruition!
  21. I am perfectly aligned with my higher purpose.
  22. I embrace my dreams and align them with my reality.
  23. I love to discover and grow.
  24. I am in flow with the energies of life.
  25. I reflect truth in my words and actions.
  26. I move and flow like a river.
  27. I allow change to happen as it naturally needs to.
  28. I embrace patience.
  29. The world around me is illuminated and bright.
  30. I release any grief I may have been holding onto.
  31. I am fully alert and present to the world.
  32. I let go and deeply surrender.
  33. I love my life and Spirit rewards me with abundant blessings!
  34. I happily implement positive change in my life now.
  35. I am a light to guide the way in dark times.
  36. My inner divine light eases my fear and my trepidation.
  37. This full moon, I reflect with gratitude on the blessings of my life!
  38. I am living in utter bliss!
  39. My world is whole.
  40. I am present in my life and all is well.

Take a deep breath in and out. Namaste!

I hope you enjoyed these full moon affirmations!

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40 Full Moon Affirmations for Energy Activation

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