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40 New Moon Affirmations for New Beginnings and Growth

The new moon is an excellent time for starting new projects and refreshing your interest in old ones. Whether you’re a witch or just someone who follows the phases of the moon, you might spend some time at the new moon to perform some rituals and fill you cup.

These New Moon Affirmations are designed to help you focus on the new and reinvigorating the old to bring growth, wonder, and prosperity into your life.

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What is a New Moon?

Astronomically, a new moon is simply when we cannot see the moon at night. The moon and sun are both on the same side of the earth, and because of this, the moon’s light reflects back toward the sun, not toward the earth. It makes the nights much darker.

The new moon phase, astrologically speaking, is an excellent time for new beginnings. It is when your cup is empty and waiting to be filled with abundance and new journeys. Like the full moon, the new moon is also a great time for manifestation and rituals.

Energies of the New Moon

Because the full moon is the time of “crazy” energies and activations, you may notice it more. The new moon is certainly more subtle. It’s a time of lower energy and rest. Just as during a full moon you might sleep less, during a new moon, you might sleep more.

This soft energy is great for rest and reflection, and it’s also great to take those first steps on something new.

The new moon is the turning point from more feminine energy (receiving/being) to more masculine energy (giving/doing). During that waning moon, you’re reaping your bounty. The new moon sits at the peak of feminine, receiving energy and begins to move toward doing as the moon begins to grow again.

Types of Rituals to Do

Cleansing your space with sage is an excellent choice at both full and new moons. Journaling and writing affirmations is another great option during the new moon. You might want to clean or donate some things that have been cluttering your home to Goodwill.

But because the new moon is an energy that sparks new beginnings, you may want to set new intentions, brainstorm new projects, or launch a new product or idea!

Here’s an article that talks about moon energies and some rituals to perform. They suggest getting a new haircut or cutting your nails. You might also consider wearing a new outfit, trying something new, or going out with new friends.

What not to do on a New Moon

The new moon is not a time for shying away from new things. If you get invited to a party or dinner with people you’ve never socialized with, it’s time to embrace them! Don’t decline the invitation.

Don’t avoid new activities at this time either. If you have the opportunity to try something new, take it!

And certainly don’t quit anything that’s important to you at this time. The new moon has the potential to breathe fresh life into something that may have become stale, so do some rituals to manifest new, fresh energy and you’ll be back into it in no time!

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40 New Moon Affirmations for New Beginnings

Use these affirmations for new moons are meant to initiate something new in your life, set new intentions, or start moving into the masculine energies of doing. Take this time to build your reality!

  1. I accept the manifestation of all my desires into my life.
  2. My cup is empty and waiting to be filled with beautiful things!
  3. On this new moon, I am dedicated to building my future.
  4. I celebrate new opportunities that come my way.
  5. With this breath, I find balance between feminine and masculine energies.
  6. I step into calculated risks with courage and determination.
  7. I am grateful for the new path before me.
  8. Tonight, I set my intention to call all my deepest desires to me.
  9. I accept newness into my life.
  10. Old stale projects and ideas are now filled with new life!
  11. I feel excitement and wonder at the journey in front of me!
  12. I trust my deepest intuition to take me where I need to be.
  13. I look within myself for guidance.
  14. I move forward with conviction and grace.
  15. I take the necessary steps to move forward in my life.
  16. I embrace new ideas and thoughts.
  17. The new moon reinvigorates my passion for old projects.
  18. Tonight brings growth, wonder, and prosperity into my life.
  19. I look on my new path with wonder and humility.
  20. I have the courage and take a leap of faith.
  21. I allow newness into my life.
  22. I happily implement positive change in my life now.
  23. With this new moon, I take a new step forward.
  24. I am not afraid of change!
  25. When the night is dark, I trust my inner guidance to light my way.
  26. I am living in utter bliss!
  27. The world is my oyster!
  28. A world of possibilities is open before me!
  29. I am fully present now.
  30. I state my intention to move toward my goals.
  31. Doors open in my life before my eyes.
  32. I am spoiled for choice!
  33. When I sense the right path, I move toward it with confidence!
  34. I embrace this new phase in my life.
  35. My life is full of potential for amazing new things!
  36. I easily take action toward my goals.
  37. I do. I move.
  38. I am limitless.
  39. I reflect on the action I want to take in the future.
  40. I am dedicated to my growth and positive change.

Take a deep breath in and out!

I hope you enjoyed these new moon affirmations!

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40 New Moon Affirmations for New Beginnings and Growth

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