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Life Visioning Mastery Review – Life-Altering Course on Mindvalley with Michael Beckwith

Through a series of synchronicities, I learned who Michael Beckwith was and then realized that he had a course on Mindvalley, of which I was a member. Without a second thought, I knew I was meant to take his course.

Life Visioning Mastery has been an absolute treasure, challenging every single belief that I held about the world and the people in it, and even about myself and the ways that my own life was meant to work. I took the full course within a week. It was supposed to be spread out over 35 days, but at only about 10 minutes of work per day, I decided to accelerate my learning and dive in headfirst.

Keep reading more of my Life Visioning Mastery review to determine if this course might be something that you also need in your life.

Life Visioning. Woman with shamanic drum extending a hand

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Michael B. Beckwith

Founder of the Agape Spiritual Center, which he calls trans-demoninational.

“I was pulled by a vision until I couldn’t say no to it anymore, that the pain of not doing it was greater than the sense of uncertainty as to how I would do it. I had to answer the call, I had to say yes.”

Michael Beckwith

As a teacher, he is a very clear and well-spoken. He’s not overly energetic or excitable–he has a very gentle energy. He’s never forceful with the points he is making and allows the learner to take in his message and code it in a way that works for them.

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Life Visioning

“The Life-Visioning process is a technology by which you become open and receptive to the truth that you are surrounded by a field of love. That there’s gifts within you that don’t have a shelf life.”

Michael Beckwith

The Life Visioning Mastery Course (not an affiliate link) on Mindvalley is all about spiritual awakening and walking the journey through 4 types of consciousness that lead to oneness with life, love, and the presence that is never an absence.

Life Visioning Book

In 2012, Michael Bernard Beckwith wrote a book of the same title: Life Visioning, a Transformative Process for Achieving Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential. He is an author of several other books as well, including Spiritual Liberation (2009) and Prosperity, Plentitude, & Infinite Possibilities (2019).

Why I chose this course

As he says in the introduction, this course is “for anyone who has a deep desire to discover their giftedness, to wrap their attention around their purpose, and to come into a greater level of success in many areas of their life.”

Actually, the real reason I chose this course was because a series of synchronicities (including the last name of a mystic I had just met two weeks prior, a conversation with a family member, and a tarot reading) led me to believe that there is information in the course that will help guide my spiritual enlightenment path.

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Mindvalley Platform

I would give the Mindvalley platform three stars out of five. There are some inherent problems with the platform that I do wish were different.

For example, once you are in the course, you cannot navigate to anywhere else inside the course except the next lesson. To be able to see the full course structure on each lesson page (for example to get back to a previous lesson that you’d like to revisit to make connections to what you just learned) would be incredibly helpful. But this structure is not there.

Another additional problem with the platform is that you cannot get back to all your programs once you’re inside a course and on a lesson page.

However, the Mindvalley platform always loads quickly and plays videos correctly. You can typically skip on to different sections in a video (if the course allows it, and Life Visioning Mastery does allow that).

It’s not a flawless system, but it’s a decent platform that gives you a good foundation for learning.

Life Visioning Mastery Structure and Set-up

Michael Beckwith introduces us to the idea of 4 types of consciousness in life:

  1. Victim Consciousness – “To me”
  2. Manifestor Consciousness – “By me”
  3. Channelling Consciousness – “Through me”
  4. Being Consciousness – “As me”

He asks us to look within our own life and see what life structures (like health, finances, spirituality, etc) fall into which kind of consciousness. Then for each type of consciousness, he brings forth all manner of knowledge, ideas, and activities to help us get to that consciousness and beyond.

He draws connections between Buddhism, the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, and other forms of new age spirituality, and uses quotes and stories of many different spiritual teachers from Jesus, to students he has had, and even talks about the awakenings that he has had in his own life.

This course is a wealth of knowledge and application for true spiritual learning.

Life Visioning – Going Deeper

During this course, I was constantly jotting down quotes of profound statements and truths that I believed would help me on my journey. In fact, I was so enrapt in this course that I completed it in only a few days (it is supposed to be about 10-15 minutes per day for about 35 days.)

I easily filled half of a small diary with notes from this course. Here are a few of the gems that I found within its lessons.


One of the features that I found to be the most potent was the day about forgiveness. I’ve been working on practicing forgiveness and as well as apologizing to others I have wronged in my life for a while now.

Forgiveness is an incredibly difficult thing to do when we feel that someone has wronged us, but Michael Beckwith gives a very honest and true path to finding forgiveness in your life.

(Forgiveness is Lesson 12.)

Chanelling Consciousness

We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction and manifestation. But one of the things that we don’t talk about often enough is channelling. When Michael Beckwith talks about Channelling Consciousness, he’s talking about energy/Source/Spirit/God working through us.

This is something that happens when we get a good idea for a business or creative endeavor–some people call it divine inspiration. When we learn to channel this energy and these ideas, we’re able to fulfill our purpose.

While Manifestation is a masculine energy (requiring action and focus), Channelling is a feminine energy. Channelling requires a deep level of surrender to receiving whatever it is that the Universe wants to give to us.

(Channelling consciousness covers lessons 22-28.)


The biggest thing that I felt was missing was a deeper understanding of the Being Consciousness. The Manifestor Consciousness and Channelling Consciousness sections were so rich that I felt they spoiled me a bit, because when the Being Consciousness section was a little shorter and had fewer activities, it left me feeling a bit disappointed. (I did, however, really enjoy the non-attachment lesson 32.)

However, there was enough insight within those middle two sections that overall the course didn’t even need explanations of the fourth consciousness level!

Conclusion – My Life Visioning Mastery Review

So far, I have taken three courses with Mindvalley:

  1. Silva Ultramind, taught by Vishen Lakhiani
  2. Mystic Brain, taught by Dawson Church
  3. Life Visioning Mastery, taught by Michael Beckwith

Of the three, Life Visioning Mastery has been the only one that has absolutely sucked me in and given me gem after gem of life-altering wisdom. Not that the other two were bad at all. (Click the links above to read my reviews of those courses as well.) But this one was absolutely jam-packed with knowledge that resonated with me to my core.

If you choose to sign up for Mindvalley only because of this course, it will be 100% worth your time and money.

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