The One Thing That’s Holding You Back

So you’ve passionately declared your “Why”. You’re working your butt off toward your goal. You feel as if you’re making progress, but somehow, everything stalls. The success you crave has yet to come. You’re aligned with your priorities, but you feel as if you’re drowning every day. There’s one more piece of the puzzle. Whether … Read moreThe One Thing That’s Holding You Back

Monday Affirmations for Entrepreneurs

  Just this past week I started a new business at Arbonne! I have never considered myself the sales type. But I am all about breaking boundaries and learning new skills. Besides, what I am “selling” are products that I use myself and I truly believe in. Starting a new business takes patience, time and … Read moreMonday Affirmations for Entrepreneurs

Execute Your New Year’s Resolution Plan Like a Lady Boss!

  In Part 1 of my New Year’s Resolution challenge, I explained how Affirmations can help you to keep mental focus on your goals. This time, it’s all about developing a New Year’s Resolution plan and execute that plan so you can crush your goals! We already know that only 8% of people who set … Read moreExecute Your New Year’s Resolution Plan Like a Lady Boss!