The Best Valentine’s Day Books for Toddlers and Young Children

Two children reading the Best Valentine's Day Books for Toddlers and Young Children.

The Best Valentine’s Day Books for Toddlers and Young Children

I just recently took my boys to the library for storytime and we checked out some books for Valentine’s day which is coming up soon!

There are so many cute books out there for Valentine’s day and for loving one another! Here’s a few we read at the library and we checked out. We’ve even got a couple at home!

Things I Look for in Books for My Children

I’m somewhat particular about the books we get for the boys. Not because the books are morally bad, but mostly I want them to be good quality.

I purchase books that include most of the following:

  • a natural rhythm or cadence
  • repetition
  • possibly rhyming
  • not overly long
  • memorable characters
  • high quality art and illustrations
  • a positive message

Even from infancy, children are picking up rhythm, pitch, timbre, expression, rhymes, beat, and so much more when they are read to!

These traits are the foundation for being good writers, musicians, dancers and artists later in life!

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We have this book (that M loves) about a duck who hatched and goes looking for her family.

Phew, I didn’t think children’s books could be bad until we read this book. It has incredibly superfluous language, unnecessary descriptors, no cadence or rhyme, zero repetition, and the story plain stinks!

I secretly cringe every time he asks me to read it. There have been a few other duds since reading this one, which prompted me to make a list of things that I want my sons’ books to have!

(By the way, in case you’re interested in the absolutely abysmal board book, check it out here.)

But most children’s books are really good, and here are 10 books with rhythm or rhyme or excellent, memorable characters! They may also demonstrate healthy relationships, talk about emotional regulation, or be educational in some other way. They might not have all of them, but they’re the high quality books you’re looking for for your child!

Here are my Favorite 10 Valentine’s Day Books for Toddlers and Young Children

Happy Valentine’s Day Curious George!

Who doesn’t love Curious George? The word “monkey” was actually one of my son’s first words (he pronounced it “nammo”). Curious George has some friends over, decorates cookies, and of course makes some mischief!

Llama Llama I love you

Llama llama I love you has rhymes, it’s short and quick, and it’s all about those gifts that we give during Valentine’s Day like hearts and candies. It’s another simple one, but way adorable!

Pop-Up Peakaboo! I Love You!

My son LOVES these pop-up Peakaboo books! This is another rhyming book with pop-up panels about a sheep waking up on Valentine’s Day! M calls them “Bah-bah”s.

Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse

We actually have Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse at home and M asks to read it all the time, not just around Valentine’s day! It’s a very simple story, but it’s a good way to explain Valentine’s Day to 2 or 3 year olds! Especially cute if you’ve read the books: If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat has some AMAZING books! Pete the Cat makes Valentine’s after realizing that it’s actually a pretty cool holiday. Not in the style of the original, unfortunately, but still cute.

Also check out Pete The Cat’s Amazing Guide to Love!

Love is My Favorite Thing

Love is My Favorite Thing was surprisingly cute! It’s more advanced than M is right now. Don’t start this one until about age 3 or 4.

It’s all about a mischievous dog who can’t help getting into trouble, but love conquers all, even for dogs!

Love (from the Very Hungry Caterpillar)

Love (from the Very Hungry Caterpillar) is very simple, so this one is probably best for kiddos 1-2. Regardless, I love Eric Carle and it’s worth mentioning! The artwork is just beautiful!

Guess How Much I Love You

This also comes in an adorable fabric book for babies and a book where you can record your own voice for your child. I don’t know about you, but I probably wouldn’t be able to get through the story because I’d be crying!

You Are My Sunshine

I love this book. We sing it to M and D all the time! It’s not a strictly Valentine’s book or song, as you probably know, but when celebrating the LOVE holiday, how could you not include this amazing song?

Groggle’s Monster Valentine

This one is absolutely adorable (and as someone who loves to eat, I can relate to Groggle!) It’s a little beyond M’s comprehension this year (and doesn’t come in a board book) so we won’t enjoy this one until next year. But this one is my absolute favorite!

A Few More Valentine’s Day Books for Young Children You Might Enjoy

There are a few runners-up, including these books:

Are there any you can think of that you’ve loved sharing with your little ones for Valentine’s Day?!

Mamas need books too! Here’s what I’m reading this year!:
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The Best Valentine’s Day Books for Toddlers and Young Children

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  1. I especially love, “You are my Sunshine”. I used to sing this to my little girl in the car on the way to Grandma’s house.

  2. This is a great list of Valentine’s Day books for toddlers and young children! I love your list of things you look for in books. It is each of these features that make books much more appealing to young children.

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