Valentine’s Day Craft Kits for Toddlers

Valentine's Day Craft kits for toddlers from Amazon.

Valentine’s Day Craft Sets for Young Children

Having kids has definitely made me pick my battles in life.

On one hand, I’m trying to go more waste-free, balanced, environmentally conscious.

On the other hand, I’m a stay-at-home mother with two jobs who wants healthy, educational experiences for her kids with as little time wasted as possible.

So basically, I need to find easy, useful things for my children that can be delivered straight to my door so that I don’t have to waste time scouring (and getting distracted in) the aisles at Hobby Lobby!

I’ve ordered several Valentine’s day craft kits from Amazon for my toddler, and I found some really cute ones for elementary-aged kids too!

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Why Art Is Important

As a music teacher, creativity and expression is at the core of who I am. Teaching our kids that they should feel free to express themselves without fear of judgment or any other motive is essential to our role as parents.

Toddlerhood is a difficult stage because they are just learning to express themselves and they don’t know how to get their point across. Sometimes they do it VERY loudly or while crying!

They also lack the gross motor skills to draw, write, dance, or make music in the way that they want to (or in the ways that we expect).

Regardless of the challenges related to being a toddler, developing those skills is expected in school, and YOU, as a parent, have the opportunity to nurture their ideas, to help them discover how to express themselves, and help them develop healthy habits!

Here’s a few benefits of art and music for toddlers from the Art & Music Center Blog:

  1. Music Boosts Young Brains
  2. Art Improves Academic Achievement
  3. Music Can Improve Memory
  4. Music and Art Enhance Creativity
  5. Music Improves Social Skills
  6. Art and Music Improves Language and Reading Skills
  7. Art and Music Enhance Critical Thinking Skills
  8. Art and Music Build Confidence
  9. Art and Music Creates Cultural and Personal Connections
  10. Art and Music Instills Discipline

Your toddler doesn’t have to be Picasso or Mozart. They just need to try it and have fun!

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Why I like Pre-packaged Art Sets

Having discussed the benefits, here’s why I like prepackaged arts and crafts sets:

  • they set the child up for success
  • even if the child doesn’t understand how to put it together, it still comes out looking somewhat like what you expect
  • the child can feel proud of an accomplishment
  • there is somewhat of a structure to follow, but they still get to make choices of their own liking

Basically, it’s just structured enough to be recognizable, but it gives the toddler a sense of control and power (which they often express their frustration at not having enough of!). You’re going to have to help them, but that’s okay! The result will be adorable!

So let’s see those sets!

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Valentine's Day Craft kits for toddlers from Amazon

10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Craft Kits for Toddlers on Amazon

Melissa And Doug Heart Magnet Set:

Dude, I just LOVE Melissa and Doug. I feel like everything from that brand that I’ve ever purchased has been good quality. Plus, this kit is super inexpensive. It does have little pieces and is marked for ages 4+, but with supervision and help, my two year old could create something like this!

Bear Valentine Magnet and Foam Frame Kit

With 4 “bear” designs to choose from, ornaments, frames, or magnets, this kit has a lot of choices! And with all the pieces pre-cut, all your kiddo has to do is glue them on! I love the idea of this frame! It’s totally adorable!

Conversation Hearts or Owl Picture Frames

I suppose I just love the idea of the picture frames, especially to capture an image of the kids at this moment in time… they just grow so fast! These are more super easy kits that give kids freedom of choice but also make it easy to construct a pretty neat little frame.

You may want to do these with cousins, neighborhood kids, or daycare… both kits here have 12 in a pack!

Melissa And Doug Heart and Butterfly Stamp Kit or Friendship Stamp Kit

Super easy craft that doesn’t require much else! Help your child learn how to use ink and stamps! Maybe next year I’ll have M helping me create stamped and embossed Holiday cards! (Okay, probably not!)

Melissa and Doug Shimmering Hearts Bead Set

I LOVE this! One of the standards for toddlers according to Montessori or Waldorf education is that they learn how to thread a needle or bead! While this may still be difficult for 2 year olds, hopefully their skills are moving in this direction to be able to do this. They can make a bracelet or necklace for themselves! Fantastic! And who said boys can’t wear pink?!

Heart and Rainbow Scratch Art

Okay, this one might not yield anything that looks like artwork because of being a little more freeform, but it’s definitely fun! Plus, if you have older kids, they would ABSOLUTELY love to participate and (hopefully) even help the toddler along!

Foam Valentine Kit (12 Valentines)

Make some super fancy valentine’s to hand out to friends and families! Add some magnets on the back so grandparents can hang them on the fridge. Again, this is a lot for a toddler, and I would hardly expect M to sit still long enough to make 1… but there’s no reason you could practice it several days in a row to complete a few to hand out as gifts!

Valentine’s Box and Sticker Valentine’s

I think this is the cutest thing! And as stay at home mother of a toddler and infant, I don’t know who is going to be giving them Valentine’s this year, but hell, I’ll create some for them just so they have mail to open!

Also, you should totally look at the stickers up close… a penguin with a heart-balloon?!?! Adorable!

A sloth Cupid?! Shut up!

M is in a sticker phase and would absolutely love this!

Tell me What You Think!

Are you going to do anything special with your little one(s) for Valentine’s day?

Do you think you’re going to try to do some Valentine’s themed crafts?

Let me know below, and don’t forget to share!

Valentine’s Day Craft Kits for Toddlers

Valentine's Day Craft kits for toddlers from Amazon.

12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Craft Kits for Toddlers”

  1. Oh my goodness! These are so so cuuuute! I would love to do the frame with my little one. I couldn’t agree more, art and music are so important to our little one’s development. My little guy is a late speaker but music definitely helped to get him going. Adding a little tune gets him talking when nothing else does. He’s learned so much through music- ABCs, numbers, colors, you name it!

  2. So cute! I love the stamps. So many options. Valentine’s Day is usually the holiday of throw away crafts but some of these options are keepers 😍

  3. As a crafter, raised by a crafter I have far more art supplies than a human should so I can never bring myself to buy a pre-made kit (SO EXPENSIVE!) but they are always so darn cute! Maybe if I take a picture of one, I can put together my own “kit” for my daughter…cute! Thanks!

    1. Oh, I hear you! I’m all for the convenience 😆 You could probably make some really spectacular diy crafts with your daughter!

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