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46 Affirmations for Female Empowerment to Shatter the Glass Ceiling

Society constantly bombards women with messages about how we’re not good enough. We are conditioned to view ourselves through a lens of insecurity and doubt. This has to change. We must start empowering ourselves and each other to shatter the glass ceiling holding us back.

That’s why affirmations for female empowerment are so meaningful. They help us learn to love and accept ourselves for who we are and remind us of our inner power and strength. In this blog post, we will explore 46 affirmations. Use them as a daily reminder of your magnificence!

Business Woman with tattoos feeling powerful with affirmations for female empowerment

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Why is Female Empowerment So Important?

Female empowerment is so important because it helps shatter the glass ceiling holding women back. That means that our society has been placing restrictions on what women can or can’t (or should and shouldn’t) do for generation upon generation.

Taking the time to help empower ourselves and others allows us to claim our power and voice, and to stand up for ourselves and others. When we empower ourselves, we create a ripple effect that can be felt worldwide.

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Female Empowerment is Essential Communication

Holding power as women is, at its roots, just communication. It’s about learning how to communicate with ourselves and others in a way that establishes boundaries and helps to set ourselves up for success.

Kasia Urbaniak, founder of The Academy, says, “Power has no gender.” But society teaches women to put their attention inward, to worry about the image they’re putting out to the world, instead of teaching us how to communicate our needs, desires, and creations to the world.

The Good Girl

Kasia calls this social conditioning the “Good Girl.” A Good Girl is someone who makes herself small to fit in and be liked. She doesn’t speak up in order to keep the peace. It’s the Good Girl’s job to maintain the status quo. Even powerful women who don’t fit the traits of the Good Girl still freeze when they are put on the spot or purposefully made uncomfortable.

Getting out of the Good Girl mindset requires a tremendous and intentional shift in thinking. That’s where affirmations come in.

(Make sure you check out Kasia’s book on my list of books that changed my life!)

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46 Affirmations for Female Empowerment

Use these affirmations for yourself, of course. But one of the ways female empowerment grows is by sharing them with others or by “jailbreaking” them, as Kasia would say. Change the “I” into “you” and tell these affirmations to other women and girls. This is how we can change the world.

  1. I am powerful.
  2. I am confident.
  3. I am worthy.
  4. I am strong.
  5. I can do anything I set my mind to.
  6. I love and accept myself just as I am.
  7. My opinion matters.
  8. My voice is important.
  9. I have a right to be heard.
  10. I have a right to be respected.
  11. I am not responsible for other people’s happiness – only my own.
  12. I am worthy of love and respect.
  13. I am enough.
  14. I don’t need anyone’s approval but my own.
  15. My worth is not dependent on how others see me.
  16. I will no longer compare myself to others.
  17. I will no longer allow myself to be treated as less than I am.
  18. I will no longer tolerate disrespect.
  19. I am in control of my own life.
  20. I make my own decisions.
  21. I create my own reality.
  22. My happiness is not dependent on anyone else but me.
  23. I am free to be myself.
  24. I am free to express myself.
  25. I am free to do what I want with my life.
  26. I don’t need anyone’s permission to be happy.
  27. I don’t need anyone’s permission to be successful.
  28. I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  29. I radically allow myself the freedom to speak my mind.
  30. I praise myself and others.
  31. I have bold solutions and claim them loudly.
  32. I imagine a world where women run the show.
  33. I am the change I want to see in the world.
  34. I take risks and it pays off.
  35. My success is defined by me and no one else.
  36. I surround myself with people who support me for who I am.
  37. My voice is my power.
  38. I use my voice for good.
  39. I am full of power, autonomy, and agency.
  40. I see that I am free, and I make it my goal to free others.
  41. I set powerful boundaries and let people know exactly how I want to be treated.
  42. I love and respect myself enough to only allow people in my life who do the same.
  43. My power comes from within me.
  44. I am strong, capable, and powerful.
  45. I can handle anything life throws at me.
  46. I am resilient and I always bounce back.

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