The 5 Best Books on Nutrition and Healthy Eating

One of the most important parts of my life journey has been to health. The best books on nutrition and healthy eating will hopefully convince you of the importance of nutritional health.

There’s an over abundance of “advice” for starting a diet or lifestyle change out there in the world. What’s good advice and what’s not?

I can tell you now that I truly believe that the way to a slim figure (if that’s what you’re all about, that’s cool), beautiful skin, lack of digestive issues, and athletic ability starts with what we eat. Toss out those fad-diets and get the scoop on fueling your body with nutrition for the long run.

I once read somewhere that

Abs aren’t built at the gym, they’re built in the kitchen.

Nutrition is the process of getting the food you need for health and growth. Everything you do EVERY DAY starts with how you fuel your body!

My Story with Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Back in 2011, I was having serious IBS issues. My digestive system was in constant pain. There was one day that I spent an hour after lunch in the fetal position in a quiet room. I was eating your typical American diet: cereal for breakfast, granola bar for a snack, sandwich for lunch, cookies and a glass of milk for another snack, and then something for dinner like a big bowl of pasta.

Egg on Toast.

A cousin had given me a book for Christmas that she had used to manage her stress: The Primal Blueprint. At some point during my digestive struggles, I realized that they were based on what I was eating. I changed practically overnight to making my own nut granola, eating lots of salads, and eating eggs almost every day. 

I think my pain was due to a wheat allergy and the fact that I wasn’t getting the complete nutrition that I needed. Once I made the change, my digestive issues completely went away! As a bonus, I had more energy and felt much better overall!

Now, even if you aren’t willing to give up your sandwiches or cereal, you can still use the concepts in these books to check out your own food allergies, and make sure you are getting all the nutrition that you need.

Check them out!

Change Your Food, Change Your Mood

Change Your Food, Change Your Mood: A nutrition-based approach to reducing stress, banishing the blues, and feeling great, Janey Maccaro, Ph.D. CNC

Change Your Food, Change Your Mood. One of the best books on nutrition and healthy eating.

This was a very interesting book, and different than most of the nutrition books that I have read. She uses her knowledge of hormones, nutrition, and natural healing to prescribe foods–either macronutrients or micronutrients–to help fix a health issue.

Bonus: She’s also a doctor of natural healing and is one of the leading experts in natural progesterone supplementation (which I became particularly interested in after my miscarriage).

The best part: You don’t have to read the whole book in one sitting. This is an excellent quick reference for when you have a tough ailment that you would like to fix naturally, without the use of drugs!

Eat the Yolks

Eat the Yolks: discover Paleo, fight food lies, and reclaim your health, Liz Wolfe, NTP

Eat the Yolks. One of the best books on nutrition and healthy eating.

Three words: Liz. Is. Hilarious. If you’re looking for a snarky, witty book to bite you into shape, this is the book for you! Liz has worked for a long time as a nutritionist and advocate for the Paleo lifestyle, and her knowledge is comprehensive.

All of her extensive citations are in the back of the book, but they’re there… so don’t start thinking that you’re getting a bunch of info without scientific backing! 

The best part: Her presentation! This is not your average “ho-hum” kind of non-fiction book! Liz keeps you engaged on every page, all the while presenting information that will help lead you to your best health! What could be better?!

Wheat Belly

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health, William Davis, MD

Wheat Belly. One of the best books on nutrition and healthy eating.

From the moment I picked up this book, I was sucked in. Dr. Davis, a cardiologist, offers historical and scientific evidence discussing the developments of nutritional advice, like the infamous study that led the US Government to recommend a low-fat diet.

But more importantly, Dr. Davis explains the history of wheat, and how the modern strains have compounds and can lead to toxicity in the body. The most important concept of any Paleo lifestyle might not be grain elimination, but the elimination of poisonous wheat in our modern diet.

The best part: Aside from the scientific support and very in-depth exploration of the science of nutrition, I would say that the best part of this book are its companions! William Davis has also published cookbooks and detox books to help complement your wheat-free journey!

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat: The Plan That Will Change Your Life, Gillian McKeith

You Are What You Eat. One of the best books on nutrition and healthy eating.

Gillian McKeith is an interesting little British lady! She’s vehemently vegan and right off the bat, she recommends a colonic and vegetarian diet for several weeks, adding back in other things as time goes on. She’s a huge advocate for detoxing and flushing out all the toxins, fats, and bad “stuff” that’s been clogging our pipes.

This book is extremely colorful, helpful, and full of beautiful pictures of food!

The best part: Gillian is brutally honest and does not mind talking about things that are taboo… Having libido problems? Gillian has food recommendations for you! Feeling blue? Gillian has suggestions for you too! Is your poop a strange color?… She talks about it all!

She also has a TV show that aired from 2004-2007 by the same name as her book. (I love British TV!!)

The Primal Blueprint

The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram Your Genes for Effortless Weight Loss, Vibrant Health, and Boundless Energy, Mark Sisson

Primal Blueprint. One of the best books on nutrition and healthy eating.

This is my all-time favorite book for nutrition and fitness. There are 10 Principles to follow that can help lead you to your most vibrant health.

Not a doctor or a nutritionist, Mark is just a retired marathoner looking for optimal health–don’t let that dissuade you from reading this book. Mark’s research, resources, and citations are absolutely comprehensive and flawless–even more so than Liz Wolfe, Gillian McKeith, or Janey Maccaro. He knows his stuff and stays up to date on current research and nutritional discoveries, and his scientific knowledge is right up there with Dr. Davis.

I recommend this book above all the others on this list. I’ve read it probably 5 times (maybe more!) and keep a copy to reference on a regular basis.

The best part: Simple, easy-to-understand writing that is engaging and makes you shout “Oh my god, totally!” at your epiphanies! This method is simple, guilt-free, and holistic. Check out his companion book as well, the Primal Connection.


What do you think? These best books for nutrition and healthy eating are great companions to the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program from Arbonne. Here are the links to all the books I’ve mentioned above. If you read any of them, shoot me an email or comment and let me know what you thought!


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9 thoughts on “The 5 Best Books on Nutrition and Healthy Eating”

  1. My friend just recommended Wheat Belly to me and so far, it’s such a good read! I’m going to try some of your other suggestions, especially You Are What You Eat since it sounds like something I will enjoy.

  2. I can identify with your digestive issues. I had several tests done by my GI dr who couldn’t ever find anything wrong. But once I quit eating wheat and became more mindful of everything thing else I eat, I have felt much better.

    • Dana, that’s awesome! At the time that I implemented it, I only lost about 2-3 pounds… but I really only had 2-3 pounds to lose in the first place. I know that if I started eating this way consistently again right now I would probably drop another 10 pounds! (I was mostly eating this way during my 30 Days to Healthy Living and I dropped 6 pounds.) It also helped with energy levels and fitness ability.

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