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How to Do the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Cleanse

Are you here because you’re thinking about doing the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living program? Congratulations for choosing to take care of your health!

This program includes healthy, clean products that will help you get your gut health under control, help you establish healthy habits, reset your health, and lose some weight.

Women slicing healthy foods on cutting board for Arbonne's 30 Day Cleanse

*This post may contain affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy, click here.

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not offer this as medical advice. This is my own personal experience and I encourage everyone to seek advice from their doctor before making decisions about their health. To view our full disclaimer policy, click here.

Let’s talk about the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Cleanse

Let’s start with the Basics and work our way through other commonly asked questions about specific issues or situations.

But as always, this is just a guide to help you learn more about the 30 day program. If you have further questions, be sure to ask your Arbonne consultant!

Here is what’s covered below:

More specific common questions:

  1. Why is there sugar in Arbonne’s products?
  2. Can I purchase the Arbonne product set on Amazon?
  3. Is 30 Days to Healthy Living Safe for Pregnancy?

These are only a few of the main questions that people are asking regularly about the Arbonne 30 Day to Healthy Living Cleanse.

I will be open and honest about the program and what you can expect.

*Remember, always consult with your doctor before starting any program designed to change your health or weight.

This post is all about the facts. Interested in my opinion instead? Hop on over to:
Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Review.

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1. What is Arbonne?

Arbonne is a Swiss company of nutrition, skincare, and makeup products. It is an MLM, or Multi-Level Management Company, like Mary Kay or Scentsy. Arbonne’s products are clean, using mainly organic ingredients.

Arbonne has banned over 2000 chemicals from being used in our products.

Here are some of the chemicals that Arbonne has banned:

  1. Animal products
  2. Artificial flavors
  3. Parabens
  4. Formaldehyde
  5. Sodium Laureth Sulfates/Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
  6. Synthetic Fragrances and Dyes
  7. Soy
  8. Wheat
  9. High fructose corn syrup
  10. Talc

And many many more. For comparison:

The United States has banned 10 ingredients from use in cosmetic products.

The European Union has banned over 1000.

Arbonne has banned over 2000.

Want to see the “NOT-Allowed List”?

On top of that, Arbonne has recently been made a Certified B Corporation, meaning that it balances purpose and profit, putting things like environmental impact, chemical use, employee health and support and more at the top of their priority list. As the website says: “This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.”

There are only around 3,200 Certified B Corporations in the world, so this is a huge honor.

It means that you know you can trust the validity, quality, and eco-friendliness of Arbonne’s products.

2. What is Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living?

Known as Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living, the cleanse is a 30-day program designed to help you clean up your diet through proper nutrition, heal your gut, and focus on whole and healthy foods. This isn’t a “diet”. It’s designed to be sustainable for long-term use and to help you develop a healthier lifestyle overall.

Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living is designed to benefit you so that you might:

  • Have more energy throughout your day
  • Improve digestion
  • Sleep better
  • Have clearer skin
  • Stay better hydrated
  • Not feel the need to snack as much
  • Lose weight in a healthy way

And you have leagues of women and men who can vouch for all of those benefits to the program!

It’s simple and easy to follow.

Basically, for the 30 Days to Healthy Living program, you will purchase a set of Arbonne nutrition products, including Protein shake mix, Gut Health, Detox Tea, Fizz Sticks, and 2 of: Greens Balance, 7-Day Body Cleanse, or Fiber Boost. Then, you will receive recipes, grocery lists, and snack ideas. You’re also given suggestions for fitness and stress management.

You’ll follow these guidelines for what foods to consume. Most Arbonne consultants advocate that you do the program 80% compliant, 20% eat whatever you want. This allows for some flexibility and also prevents you from depriving yourself of foods you enjoy.

3. Arbonne Products Used for 30 Days to Healthy Living

As mentioned above, Arbonne’s Protein shake mix, Gut Health, Detox Tea, Fizz Sticks, Greens Balance, 7-Day Body Cleanse, and Fiber Boost are the Arbonne products you’ll receive on your 30 Day cleanse.

Let’s look at each one briefly.

Arbonne Feel Fit Pea Protein Shake Mix

Arbonne Pea Protein Feel Fit is one of the most popular Arbonne Nutrition Products

You will receive 2 bags of Arbonne’s protein powder. You get to choose between chocolate and vanilla (2 of the same, or you can choose 1 of each).

This protein, like all of Arbonne’s products, is completely vegan, which means that it does not use whey as its primary protein source. The protein in this shake mix is a combination of pea, rice, and cranberry proteins, and it also includes a complex of vitamins and fiber.

It is sweetened with a combination of stevia and pure cane sugar, with 7 grams of sugar per shake (2 scoops) and only 13 grams of carbs. Arbonne’s protein mix has 20 grams of protein per serving.

Arbonne Gut Health Digestion Support

Arbonne Gut Health sticks

Arbonne’s Gut Health is a probiotic, prebiotic, and digestive enzyme combination that comes in a powder form. The probiotics are good bacteria that help you break down the food you consume.

Prebiotics are compounds that are food for the probiotics.

Digestive enzymes are compounds that help break down our food. Our body actually makes digestive enzymes, but we often don’t make enough of them, especially those who have IBS, Crohns, or other chronic digestive issues.

Gut Health helps you absorb and utilize the food that you’re eating throughout the day to maximize your body’s intake of important nutrients and start to heal.

Arbonne Fizz Sticks

Arbonne Fizz Sticks box

Did you know that coffee is incredibly acidic and can be harmful to our bodies?

Arbonne’s Fizz Sticks are a coffee replacement. These delicious fizzy drinks have 53mg of caffeine derived from green tea and guarana. But they also have Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Chromium, Potassium, Sodium, L-Taurine (an amino acid that has numerous health benefits), Panax ginseng root (known to increase brain function), and CoQ10 (frequently used for heart and skin health).

To consume, pour the fizz stick powder into a cup and fill with water. They are designed to provide you with lasting energy without that crash that comes 2 hours after your last cup of coffee.

There are 2 grams of added natural cane sugar in fizz sticks and they are also sweetened with stevia. Fizz sticks contain 4-5 grams of carbs each.

You get 2 boxes with your 30 Days to Healthy Living product set. Choose between the flavors: pomegranate, strawberry, and citrus.

Arbonne CleanTox Detox Tea

Arbonne Cleantox Detox Tea

The Herbal Detox Tea from Arbonne is another fantastic hot drink replacement.

While it doesn’t have any caffeine, it does have plenty of nutrients and herbs to support gentle liver cleansing. With milk thistle, dandelion, nettle, peppermint, and sweet fennel, this detox tea can help reduce inflammation, aid with digestion, support gallbladder function, and help balance gut flora with naturally antibacterial properties.

Arbonne Essentials 7-Day Body Cleanse (Choose 2 of 3)

This 7-day Body Cleanse is another supplement that comes in powder form. It has ginger, choline, L-glutamine, and aloe for a gentle detox. While other detoxes or cleanses are harsh and require you to fast, only eat certain foods, or consume dangerous substances, the Arbonne 7-day body cleanse is gentle.

When you’re on the Arbonne 30 Day to Health Living Program, you’ll do the 7-day Body Cleanse during the 3rd week, unless you’ve opted for other products instead.

You add it to at least 32 ounces of water in the morning and finish all of it by the end of the day, all while staying on the same healthy eating program you’ve been following the previous 2 weeks.

People who might want to forego the 7-Day Body Cleanse in favor of the Greens Balance and the Fiber include breastfeeding women, people who are sensitive or allergic to ginger or aloe vera, or people with underlying health conditions whose doctors have not given them permission to do the cleanse.

Arbonne Be Well Superfood Greens (Choose 2 of 3)

Be Well Arbonne Superfood Greens Nutrition Supplement

With supplements like wheatgrass, spirulina, cranberry, elderberry, and beetroot, Arbonne’s Superfood Greens isn’t really green! It has all the colors of the rainbow.

While it’s not some magic supplement designed with a certain goal in mind (like the cleanse or the Gut Health), Arbonne Superfood Greens is more about making sure we’re getting our fruits and veggies.

According to the CDC, only 1 in 10 adults actually gets enough fruits and vegetables during the day. That shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Greens Balance is super easy to throw into a protein shake and make sure you’re getting those veggies!

You might want to opt for Greens Balance rather than the 7-day Cleanse if you’re breastfeeding, pregnant, or have underlying health conditions and your doctor says it’s not okay to use the Cleanse.

Arbonne Essentials Fiber Boost (Choose 2 of 3)

Arbonne’s Fiber boost is the last of 3 you can choose from. It is another vegan product, like all Arbonne products, and it gives you 12 grams of flavorless, soluble fiber. There is already some fiber in the Protein shake mix, but for many of us, we do not get enough fiber during the day.

Choose this one if you frequently struggle to have bowel movements or you feel constipated frequently.

Check out my favorite 8 Arbonne Nutrition Products to try!

4. Food on 30 Days to Healthy Living

While on the Arbonne 30 Day cleanse, you will focus on plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, and low-glycemic index, non-toxic grains, and clean, lean meats. You will also eliminate other potential allergens and high acidic foods.

Woman eating healthy nutritious foods on Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living Cleanse.

This means no:

  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Wheat
  • All Dairy
  • Soy

The goal of Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living Cleanse is to provide your body with foods that will nourish it and avoid foods that cause inflammation. Chronic inflammation is at the root of most diseases. You will also work toward healing your gut through eliminating foods that have an acidic effect on the body and adding products that help to heal.

You will substitute one or two meals with a protein shake, and you will be given a list of potential foods to add to make a smoothie. This helps keep you fuller longer! You will get a list of approved snacks and you will be given 5 days of dinner recipes and a shopping list!

It is VERY convenient and does not take much thought or energy. There is NO calorie counting or extensive tracking.

To give you an idea of some healthy foods you might eat on the program, these foods are promoted in recipes in the program:

  • Lean proteins like chicken & ground turkey, wild fish, beans & lentils
  • Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, or asparagus
  • Nutrient-rich carbs like sweet potato, brown rice, or quinoa
  • Healthy fats like seeds & nuts, avocado, and olive oil

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You can even use your protein powder to make some “healthy” sweets! Check out Arbonne Protein Balls!

5. Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living and Weight Loss

Does Arbonne really work for weight loss? How much weight can you lose?

Yes! While this program is designed to help you reset your health, you absolutely can lose weight while on 30 Days to Healthy Living. If you stick to the program guidelines, you may lose 4 to 9 pounds. Some women have lost 15 pounds or more while on the program. Men may lose even more.

Losing weight in a healthy way is about 1-2 pounds per week, which is exactly how we want to do it when on this program. When losing weight in this manner, you’re actually more likely to keep it off.

I lost about 6 pounds on the program, which was about 4.2% of my body weight. I was also breastfeeding, so I actually snacked a lot more and only had one shake as a meal replacement rather than 2 because I didn’t want to lose my milk. (I also did not do the detox tea or the body cleanse.)

(*The typical results are different for everyone. Results vary depending on individual effort, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, and the like.)

Do Arbonne's Cleanse for 30 days to lose weight, gain energy, and feel great! (pinterest image)

6. Fitness and Stress Reduction Component

Fitness is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle.

Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living does not give you specific requirements for exercise, but it will give you suggestions and ideas for setting goals. Some suggestions include moving more than you did yesterday and picking up a new sport or activity to increase your movement during the day.

Other components that the 30 Day Detox touches upon but does not give specific requires for include:

7. Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living cost?

The full Arbonne cleanse, 30 Days to Healthy Living Program costs $444 retail price.

Most people who decide to do the program don’t actually pay this much. Here are your options:

Become a Preferred Client. This gets you 20-40% on all Arbonne Products. There is a one time fee of $29 and you can get the 30 Day Program Set of products for $266.40, for a total of $295.40 before tax. You also get a free gift for signing up.

You can also become an Arbonne Independent Consultant. There is a fee of $49, but you get the program for 50% off— $222. That makes it a total of $271.

Think it’s too expensive? Think again!

Let’s break that down!

If you include the one time fee in your calculations, here what the cost is per day or meal:

Arbonne cleanse 30 Days to Healthy Living cost breakdown example.

Most people spend more than $4.52 if they go out for breakfast. A Starbuck’s Latte costs more than that!

When you look at it in perspective, it’s not really that that expensive. In fact, many people who have completed the Arbonne 30 Day detox said that in the long run, it actually saved them money. (It did for me–Read my review here)

8. Supplemental Products

Some of the supplemental products you may want to consider include:

Arbonne Mind Health

Arbonne Mind Health Drink Cherry Lime in a glass.

Arbonne’s Mind Health is a supplement that’s all about helping you stay focused through your day.

While the 30 Days to Healthy Living program might help you feel more focused, the CoEnzyme Q10, Grapeseed Extract, and sunflower phospholipids may help increase antioxidants and power your brain even more!

It’s great for those long days of work when you need to stay on top of your game all day long.

Arbonne Skin Elixir

Arbonne Healthy Skin Within Skin Elixir Collagen Builder with Hyaluronic Acid Acai Flavor

Arbonne Essentials Skin Elixir is all about helping your body build its own collagen for smooth, hydrated, radiant skin.

Basically, collagen helps your skin and connective tissues stay hydrated and flexible. As you get older, your body makes less of it, which is a primary reason that skin can start to sag and wrinkles can form.

Arbonne Skin Elixir boosts collagen production through supplemental compounds including hyaluronic acid, biotin, Sea Buckthorn extract, and gotu kola extract, among other things.

Protein Shaker Cup

A protein shaker is absolutely essential when you’re on Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living. You want to look for one that will hold 20 ounces or more and has something to break up the clumps of protein (unless you’re like me, and you like your protein shakes to be lumpy!) And make sure you get one that’s BPA free.

Here are a few of my favorites from Amazon:

BlenderBottle Pro Protein Shaker

It’s BPA free, 24 ounces and comes in different colors! Plus, it costs less than $10.

VOLTRX Electric Protein Mixer

This one is also a 24-ounce, BPA-free protein cup, but it’s electric and it blends the protein for you, right in the cup. It’s a little pricer, of course, but it will blend super smooth!

More specific common questions:

Why is there sugar in Arbonne products?

The sugar used in Arbonne products is pure cane sugar, which not only has minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, it has also been proven to have an alkaline effect on the body. (Alkaline properties can heal your gut!)

Can I purchase the Arbonne cleanse on Amazon or Ebay?

No. Many people purchase Arbonne products with stolen card numbers and resell them on platforms like eBay and Amazon for profit. Not only is what they are doing illegal, but if you purchase their product, you could be getting a product that has been tampered with or expired. Don’t risk it.

The only way to know for sure that you are getting Arbonne quality is to purchase your Arbonne 30 day detox directly from your favorite Arbonne consultant.

Read more about my experience with Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living while Breastfeeding.

Is 30 Days to Healthy Living Safe for Pregnancy?

The short answer is no. The Arbonne 30 Day Detox is NOT suitable for pregnancy in its full form with cleanse, detox tea, and 2 meal replacement shakes a day. BUT it is safe to follow the healthy eating guidelines!

If you choose to do the 30 Days program while pregnant, focus on the same principle as 30 Days while breastfeeding: don’t limit your calories, focus on whole, clean foods, and check with your doctor to see if adding products like the protein shakes or multivitamin (which has folic acid, important for pregnancy) would be suitable for your lifestyle, diet, pregnancy, and risk factors.

The Arbonne cleanse itself is geared toward fat loss and cleaning up diet. While eating healthy is great during pregnancy, limiting calories, intermittent fasting, and other weight/fat loss strategies are not conducive to also growing a baby.

As always, check with your doctor for more details.


Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living Cleanse is a fantastic challenge to get you back on the path to gut balance and overall health! Please consult your doctor to see if it’s right for you!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask your Arbonne consultant, or shoot me an email.

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*This post may contain affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy, click here.

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not offer this as medical advice. This is my own personal experience and I encourage everyone to seek advice from their doctor before making decisions about their health. To view our full disclaimer policy, click here.

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Sunday 26th of December 2021

Can you email me a step by step instructions for the 30 day challenge? I got all my stuff I ordered but I’m not sure where to begin with it.

Dawn Perez

Sunday 26th of December 2021

Hey Rebecca! I would go to: and scroll to the "Steps" portion so you can see what to do. You can also contact your Arbonne Consultant and ask them if they have any handouts. Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy your 30 Days to Healthy Living!


Wednesday 15th of April 2020

Hi there! I’m currently breast feeding so I love all your insight on this. Trying to do my research and figure out if it’s right for me. Did you drink the detox tea while breast feeding? And do the 7 day-cleanse option?

Dawn Perez

Thursday 16th of April 2020

Hey Alex! I have a post on my experience breastfeeding while doing the 30 DHL Program! I did NOT do the cleanse (I chose the greens balance instead) and didn't drink the tea. I have since drank the tea while I'm weaning my LO and it's been totally fine (and has probably helped decrease my supply), but I wouldn't recommend it if you are in the early stages of breastfeeding or if you struggle with milk supply. But I had a great experience with 30 Days while breastfeeding! I hope this helps!


Thursday 9th of January 2020

They seem like a great company! I’ve never heard of them before. Its really impressive that they’ve banned over 2,000 chemicals.

Heather Lehsten

Wednesday 8th of January 2020

I have heard of the company before but didn't really know much about it. Thanks for the very informative post. It is nice how they have banned so many bad chemicals from their products.

Erin | Becoming Mamas Together Blog

Tuesday 7th of January 2020

This is very interesting to read amount. This is definitely something to consider. I am glad you mentioned about breastfeeding because that was my first concern! Thanks for sharing!!

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