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34 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations for a Strong, Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time of extreme joy and it can also be a time of overwhelming fear for some women. Past experiences like miscarriage, stillbirth, or birth trauma or pain from a previous birth can impact our joy and ability to relax while we are pregnant.

Pregnancy affirmations are designed to help you take back your power.

Pregnant woman practicing pregnancy affirmations in bed, smiling at her belly.

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What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are statements that you make to be true. They need to be in first person, positive, powerful, and present tense. If you’re actually feeling awful about your pregnant body, affirmations can help you turn around your mindset to embrace your pregnant body.

Affirmations are something that can help ease our minds, remind us of our power, and allow us to release the fear and worry we are experiencing.

If you’re taking birthing classes during pregnancy that are centered around a woman’s power—like Hypnobabies, Blissborn, or Bradley classes—you might be experienced with pregnancy affirmations (and birth affirmations).

If you’re feeling fearful about birth, affirmations can help you embrace the natural flow of labor and get through those painful contractions.

Affirmations work, when practiced regularly, because they rewire our brains to choose the positive response over the fearful one. When you combine affirmations with meditation, self-hypnosis, breathing exercises, or yoga, you can experience even greater benefits.

If you have tried affirmations before and haven’t seen any benefits yet, you might need to tweak your affirmations themselves or the routine you use with your affirmations.

Common Pregnancy Worries and Fears

While there are specific affirmations you can use during the actual birth process, these affirmations are centered on the 9 months that you’re pregnant.

Many women experience fear, discomfort, anger, irritability and other negative emotions during pregnancy, and it’s completely normal. (If you are having thoughts of suicide or think your baby would be better with another mother, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.)

On top of this, because of the cocktail of hormones our body is making, many women experience more sensitivity during pregnancy.

Many women worry about:

But I think we all desire a positive experience and to release our worries. Pregnancy affirmations can be a way to release our worries and feel calmer and more positive during our pregnancy experience.

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34 Pregnancy Affirmations

Not every affirmation will resonate with you. Choose the ones that make you feel the most powerful and good about your pregnancy!

  1. Pregnancy is safe for me and my baby.
  2. I am healthy.
  3. My baby is healthy.
  4. I surrender, knowing that my body knows exactly what to do.
  5. My birth will happen at the perfect time.
  6. I always choose what’s best for my baby and myself.
  7. I accept my birth.
  8. I love my pregnant body.
  9. My body knows how to nourish my baby during pregnancy.
  10. My baby feels the love I have for him.
  11. I am strong.
  12. I am brave.
  13. I can do this.
  14. I know how to take care of myself.
  15. Birth is safe for me and my baby.
  16. My body knows how to nourish my baby after I give birth.
  17. My milk is abundant and my baby is well-fed.
  18. I accept help.
  19. I am grateful for those around me.
  20. I enjoy every day of my pregnancy.
  21. My baby is developing normally.
  22. I was chosen to be this baby’s perfect mother.
  23. My pregnant body is radiant and beautiful.
  24. I love my baby bump.
  25. I welcome the changes that come with pregnancy and giving birth.
  26. My life is better for having this pregnancy and this baby.
  27. My body is divinely made. It knows how to protect and care for my baby during pregnancy.
  28. My baby is safe, wrapped in a warm cocoon of my love.
  29. My baby will be born at the precise right moment for him.
  30. My body is strong.
  31. I embrace and celebrate my body’s strength!
  32. My baby is happy and safe.
  33. Love engulfs me, and I am happy.
  34. I am ready to hold my baby.

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34 Positive Affirmations for a Strong, Healthy Pregnancy

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