Staying Positive After A Miscarriage

Woman having a hard time staying positive after a miscarriage.

Staying Positive After A Miscarriage – Tips for a Healthy Mindset After Pregnancy Loss

Let me start by saying that I am SO sorry for your loss.

People who have not experienced pregnancy or child loss don’t quite understand the grief or loss you feel.

You lose yourself.

Staying positive after this kind of traumatic life event can be difficult, but your grief doesn’t have to last forever.

My Miscarriage Story

The very first time we found out that we were pregnant, both my husband and I were pretty excited. I mean, it wasn’t planned, so there were a lot of things that we had to figure out, but we both wanted kids, so it looked like it was time.

Honestly, we had so many other things planned—my husband was going to start grad school and work on leveling up his teacher license, we had all kinds of travel plans, we wanted to buy a house in a few years—we weren’t even going to start considering kids until the next summer. But chances are, “next summer” would have become the summer after that. Or maybe 2 or 3 summers later.

I was already 30, so I could feel the clock ticking, but all the fears that I had about being a mother overshadowed the ticking clock. I worried that I would feel overwhelmed and scared—after all, having kids is a HUGE decision.

Isn’t it? 

At least, I thought it was a huge decision

Once I got pregnant, all that changed.

It felt totally natural! I felt like I was on cloud 9 and nothing could bring me down! It was effortless and I realized that I don’t have to know everything about children before conceiving… that we can take it one step at a time!

Our employer has a reasonable maternity leave program in place… it’s not fantastic, but it would work for when our baby was due! We had this plan, and we were reimagining the future in ways that we never had before.

I pictured myself making a costume and being Padme in her Mustafar outfit for Halloween, since I would be developing a baby bump at that time (and there was no way Padme was in her third trimester with twins. Seriously, Hollywood.)

I pictured myself visiting Ohio over the Holidays and getting to see everyone and I would have a 6 month baby-bump!

My sister-in-law was already planning a baby shower!

I did extensive research on child-birth and labor and had already decided on a natural birth in a birthing center.

My husband had already agreed to be my birth partner.

I pictured all the wonderful joy that this baby would bring into our lives. 

Little did we know that all that would be taken away from us…

The Miscarriage Starts

When I was 7 weeks and 5 days, I started spotting. It was just a little at first, so I didn’t worry. This was the time I would have started my period if I hadn’t been pregnant, so maybe it was just breakthrough bleeding.

Woman grieving the loss of her pregnancy.

But I started bleeding a little heavier. It’s okay—50% of women who bleed in the first trimester go on to deliver healthy babies.

And even heavier. At exactly 8 weeks, I realized that I was bleeding severely and had lost all symptoms of my pregnancy. All the feelings of pure joy were gone. My sore breasts and water-bloated belly—gone. My super-sniffer was but a memory.

I felt like normal me…

…except broken.

When I started passing big clots and I knew it was over. I was at an Orff workshop when I realized I was having the miscarriage, so I frantically packed up and left without a word to anyone, crying in the car on the way home as I talked to the on-call midwife. She confirmed it was likely a miscarriage and that I would go to the ER for an ultrasound, or I could just go to my appointment that was scheduled for Monday.

Coping with the Grief

I spent that Saturday afternoon watching the Office with my husband and trying to go about normal life. We spent a long time out on the porch talking—he was having a particularly stressful year at school and needed to vent. We went back inside because it was cold (surprising for August), and after sitting down on the couch, I started to cry and cry…. and cry. It seemed like hours.

This baby had only been a part of our lives for three weeks!

Three weeks and that’s how much everything in our lives had changed.

At first, I didn’t cope well

I laid all the blame on myself.

I blamed myself even though I knew it wasn’t rational. Because it had been a surprise, I hadn’t been in as good of shape as I would have liked. I drank alcohol several times there in the beginning weeks, had espresso nearly every day (after bringing home an espresso maker from Italy, how could I not?!). I was eating desserts and sweets regularly. I was still on vacation. My sleep schedule was messed up because we had just gotten home from Europe and were jet-lagged.

As soon as I had found out, I changed my diet, stopped all the wine and espresso and started sleeping regularly and exercising again.

But I fear it had been too late.

And then when I got sick and developed a fever at week 7, well that could have done the baby in too.

But if I’m being totally honest, I didn’t feel like the pregnancy was anchored from the beginning.

I felt unsettled.

I had never been pregnant before, so I didn’t know if that was the way it was supposed to be or not. (Guess not.)

Staying Positive After Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss

At first, I didn’t think staying positive after a miscarriage was possible. But slowly, things started to change.

But I learned so much in those few weeks that I was blessed to have a baby inside me. I was able to find some hints of positivity in the storm. It is possible to stay positive after a miscarriage. Here’s how I stayed positive and you can too:

1. Faith and Strength

Bad things happen and I’m going to get through them. I’ve already been through some tough shit, but sometimes I forget. Life gets a little too cushy and comfy and you forget how strong you are.

When you go through something traumatic, you have to dig deep to find your strength. Sometimes that’s easier than others. For some people, it might be faith in God or God’s words that gives them strength and comfort. For others, it might be faith in yourself and your own abilities.

Remember, your record for getting through tough days so far is 100%, and that’s pretty good.

2. My Support System

My husband was my support system as I tried to stay positive after my miscarriage.

I have an amazing husband. He listened without judging, and he loved without expecting anything back for a few weeks. He even validated my feelings when I expressed my frustration at other family members who weren’t as helpful… and sometimes I expressed those feeling a little loud.

A good support system is whoever you have in your life who can validate your feelings and listen to you. Having good support in times of need can help you connect to others and feel like you’re not alone. Even when you don’t feel positive, having people there make the pain more bearable.

Who is a good support system for you? Even if it’s someone you don’t live with, or someone you can’t see in person, giving that person and call and asking them to be your sounding board can be a huge relief.

3. Finding Meaning

Everything only happens for a reason if you’re willing to look for that reason. Believe me, this is NOT something you want to say to comfort a woman who has been through loss of a baby. But if she finds meaning in her loss, then that is up to her to look for it. I found meaning in my loss. It doesn’t make the loss more bearable or less painful, but it does make the future look a little brighter.

4. Learning about yourself

I was afraid that I wasn’t ready for children, but that did not have any meaning to me once the time came. My natural instincts took over and I felt beyond ecstatic to be carrying a child that I hoped would be a part of our lives forever. I was ready for children, even if I didn’t know it! And now that it’s happened once, there is no going back to what we had planned for before. This baby made me realize how much love I had to give.

I also learned how to grieve. Until my miscarriage, I had not had many traumas in my life. I knew what it looked like when I grieved, and I know the things to look out for when interacting with people around me. I know my triggers and how to avoid them.

Essential Guide for What to Do After a Miscarriage


Staying positive after a miscarriage doesn’t look like bright happy sunshine and unicorns. Sometimes staying positive just looks like learning to grieve, finding your strength and faith, and utilizing your support system. Find meaning in what you’ve gone through can help you to look toward the future with realistic optimism. Who knows, you may even glean some wisdom that may help others.

Keep moving forward. If you’ve gone through a miscarriage, I send you virtual hugs and love. I know how difficult it is. But you have the strength to stay positive for the future.

For many women, miscarriage isn’t the norm.

I kept up my healthy living and even started a yoga program specifically designed for fertility. Read about my Yoga For Fertility Success Story Here!

I went on to have two healthy baby boys!

My two beautiful rainbow babies... babies born after miscarriage.

They are my joy, my light, and absolutely the center of my world!

There is light when it all seems dark, and now my life is filled with more love than I could have ever imagined!

You can do this, you can get through it. Stay positive, and be well!

Staying Positive After A Miscarriage – Tips for a Healthy Mindset After Pregnancy Loss

9 thoughts on “Staying Positive After A Miscarriage”

  1. My miscarriage was one of the hardest things I’ve experienced too. It would have been my third child so I knew what I was losing when it happened. I think it’s important to give yourself time to be sad and grieve that loss, that helped me to heal from my miscarriage.

  2. What a beautiful post. I have personally never gone through a miscarriage, but a few close family and friends who have. It is so devastating and I cannot imagine the pain you carry. I will keep you and your family in my prayers mama.

  3. I’m so sorry you went through all of this, Dawn. We also suffered a loss, between our boys. It was awful. And it certainly put me on edge even more for our pregnancy with Logan… along with all the other stuff that came along with that pregnancy. Thanks for putting this out there. It is so important for women (and men for that matter) to know we don’t have to suffer alone or in silence. ❤

  4. My friend had a miscarriage years ago. It was devastating for her and her husband at that time. It was their faith that got them through and their relationship with their family and friends as well. It was a tough time that they were able to surpass.
    Now they already have a daughter that they love so much. I guess it’s really the right timing. So keep positive. 😊

  5. Katie @ Teacher and the Tots

    Thank you for sharing your raw and honest story. I find your ideas and ways of finding positivity so inspiring. I will be keeping your family in my prayers.

  6. It definitely takes focus to remain positive after a miscarriage. I’ve had 5 miscarriages, my most recent in June and I’m still dealing with medical complications from it. As difficult as recurrent loss can be, remaining positive is the only way to survive. I won’t always be positive and accepting, but most days I am able to choose joy.

  7. Thank you for your positive vibes. I really never thought I’d be “one in four” until it happened to me. It’s been 5 weeks and it’s still so hard. Positivity is what helps me the most, it keeps me going. There’s so much negativity around miscarriage, and it’s hard to find people who truly understand. So, thank you, I don’t know you, but you’ve helped me today!

    1. Carley, I’m so sorry for your loss. No matter what anyone says, or how they fail to understand, just know that there are women out there who have walked that walk before and have been where you are. Honestly, 5 weeks after my miscarriage was still the beginning of my journey to healing after my miscarriage… it took SO long. But stay positive, find some other women who understand, and give it time! I’m so glad I was able to help!! ❤️❤️

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