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New Year, New Energy: Energetic Practices for a Fresh Start in 2024

New year, new you?

New Year is a collective spiritual celebration of death (of the old year) and rebirth (of the new year). So often we hear “New year, new you” with the desire to change everything about our lives we don’t like. But this is an overgeneralization and will never realistically happen.

I suggest a different kind of phrase to kick off your New Year:

New year, new energy.

It’s all about a new mindset, positive flow, and energy that aligns your values to your actions. These 12 energetic practices will help you gain a fresh new start in 2024.

Woman working out in the morning for energy

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What does “New Year, New Energy” Mean?

So what exactly does “New year, new energy” mean, anyway?

Essentially, “New year, new energy” is a popular phrase that means leaving behind the negative experiences of the past year and harnessing renewed energy and enthusiasm for the future one. It is a conscious movement toward a positive mindset, healthy change, and embracing a fresh, new start.

New Year, new energy is all about making a shift over new year toward aligning your values and your actions to really skyrocket not only your success, but your satisfaction with your life.

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What Are Energetic Practices?

If your goal is to get into the flow of positive energy in the new year, you want to utilize energetic practices that put you into the right frame of mind.

Energetic practices are anything that can help you harness energy towards a specific goal or find your flow. Many of the traditional energy practices we think of include alternative systems of healing or Eastern techniques.

You can use energy in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ways. The goal is to increase the flow of energy around you to bring about positive change and wash away the old, stale energy.

Yes, these concepts are very spiritual in nature. I believe that New Years is a very spiritual time of year (called a spiritual portal) and that it reflects the birth/death/rebirth cycle.

But there are many energy practices you can use in 2024 that may surprise you!

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10 Energetic Practices for a Brand New Start in 2024

When you start a new energy practice, you’ll want to make sure you set aside time on a regular basis. Any of these will help you get your positive energy flowing, so choose whatever resonates with you most!

1. Kundalini Breathing

Breathwork is a physical and spiritual energy practice with many different types and variations. Pranayama (yogic breathwork) is the work to control your life force. Kundalini breathing is all about awakening dormant energy that lies in the base of your spine.

There are several practices, including the breath of fire and long deep breathing in Kundalini breathwork. There are many benefits to Kundalini breathwork, including less stress, more focus and mental clarity, and increased spiritual awareness.

This video on YouTube is a great one to start with.

2. Meditation

Woman meditating as an energy practice

Kundalini Breathwork can be a little intense, so if you need something calmer, meditation is your route. Although meditation is calm, that doesn’t mean at all that it’s a passive thing. Meditation is about actively releasing your intrusive thoughts, actively focusing your breath, actively letting go of your ego.

Meditation is more of a mental energetic practice, and you can meditate in a wide variety of different ways, so figure out which one you want. And meditation also has tons of benefits, such as decreased stress, anxiety, but an increase in awareness, problem-solving, attention span, and even spiritual transcendence.

3. Journaling

A kind of mental and emotional energetic practice, journaling is a surprising way to get energy moving within your life for the new year. Journals are great for creativity, gaining self-confidence, reducing stress, improving communication skills, gaining inspiration, and all kinds of other wonderful things!

So buy whatever journal or notebook you want and get going! You can try stream of consciousness writing, answering deep questions (or questions to reflect on your last year), writing stories, or anything else you find you need to write down.

4. Walking

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get your chi moving. It’s also one of the easiest forms of exercise. It is a physical energetic practice, so it is all about getting your body moving. There are so many physical benefits to walking like cardiovascular health, endurance, and strong muscles.

Walking also has tons of mental benefits as well, like reducing stress, improving mood, improving sleep, and so many more. So walking is a wonderful way to get into that “New year, new energy” kind of mindset!

5. Swimming

Woman swimming laps in a pool

Here’s another physical energetic practice: swimming. Talk about flow! Water has so much energy. As explained in the American College of Healthcare Services:

If you are a swimmer or ‘water person’ you know, you understand. Swimming in just about any body of water (ocean, lake, river, or pool) offers a type of mind/body experience or meditation that is difficult to find anywhere else, and difficult to explain to ‘non-water’ people.

Swimming can help to skyrocket that flow of energy in your life!

6. Qigong or Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Qigong are similar, but Tai Chi focuses on a series of moves, while Qigong is more about repeating the same move over again or breathing. But both of these ancient Chinese energy practices are all about gently moving your chi or qi.

When you move your body, you’re helping your blood (a fluid, which flows) to move and you’re helping direct your energy to flow as well. There are so many benefits to these practices, much like the others on this list, including stress relief, stronger muscles, greater focus, and better sleep.

7. Yoga

Of course, yoga is another great physical practice that gets your body and your energy in motion. Yoga is a practice defined as the drawing together of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the body to develop freedom, peace, and self-actualization.

You don’t have to get deep into yogic practices to benefit from a few basic sun salutations! Sun salutations are a great place to start because they focus on a variety of movements like forward bends, backward bends, and downward-facing dog pose. Check out this video for help getting started.

8. Dancing

Woman dancing in the forest

Here’s one that you don’t need a video to teach you how to do! Dancing is something that humans have been doing for millennia, for celebration, for expression, for courting, and for connecting with others. This physical practice has so many benefits, like improved balance and muscle tone, weight management, better social skills, and greater confidence.

You can get started however you’d like. While you can absolutely sign up for a class, the simplest way is by dancing while you do other things, like making dinner, cleaning the house, or playing with your kids.

9. Sound Healing

Sound has been used to heal and increase chi all over the world for generation upon generation. Sound healing is a more passive form of mental energy practice, and there are so many types of sounds that can help you heal.

You might want to check out the practice of vocal toning, which is the practice of humming a certain pitch or vowel sound to help with a particular area of life.

Solfeggio frequencies are certain vibrations that have been known to have certain qualities that help align your energies and balance your mind.

10. Passive Practices like Massage, Reiki, Acupuncture

Woman getting a massage

These forms of passive energetic movement involve someone else coming in and manipulating the body’s energies to become more balanced. In massage, obviously the therapist will use their hands to muscles and increase blood flow throughout the body. Reiki uses a flow of “reiki” or energy. And Acupuncture uses points on the body that help to clear blockages and move chi.

Some other more passive forms of energy movement you may want to consider include reflexology, or tapping.


There are so many ways to increase the flow of new energy around you in the new year! These are really going to help you increase your many different types of energy, from physical all the way to spiritual. So get started now, and continue when the new year gets here!

What do you think about these energetic practices?

Drop me a comment below and tell me what ways you’ll be clearing out the old energy and making room for the new, come 2024!

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New Year, New Energy: Energetic Practices for a Fresh Start in 2024

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