Seeking INFJ Stay At Home Moms

Seeking INFJ stay-at-home moms like me: want to connect over core values, priorities, and knowing that we’re not as alone as we think.

I like long walks on the beach and…

no I know I’m not writing a wanted ad.

Well, kind of. I want to know…

What draws you to others?

Recently, a fellow blogger posted in a group, “What is it that keeps you coming back to read a blog again and again?”

My answer was “Values.”

Woman lonely seeking connection with other INFJ friends.

Values are a huge part of my life. I like to be around people who are creative, inspiring, a little idealistic, and who share my values.

That answer may not be the common or popular one, but I know I’m not alone.

I believe in kindness, fairness, and objectivity in difficult situations. I want my life to be filled with insightful thoughts, rich emotions, security, the ability to create without fear or judgment, and an absolute abundance of joy.

I believe that everyone has the right to a solid foundation on life: healthcare, education, and safety.

I believe women should support each other and lift one another up. I despise ridicule and gossip.

I believe that mindset is the gateway to all health and happiness.

I want to help others and to make a difference.

This isn’t too much to ask, is it?

I have contemplated cutting out family members who don’t share my values. I have gotten divorced over my values. I quit my teaching job over my values. (This is called the INFJ Doorslam, and it’s a real thing!… not just used by INFJs, by the way.)

So I wanted to write a Wanted-ad:

Seeking INFJ stay-at-home moms like me: want to connect over core values, priorities, and knowing that we’re not as alone as we think.

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What’s an INFJ?

If I need to give you an introduction, you’re probably not an INFJ. This is based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test in which you are asked a series of questions and then ranked along 4 different polarities, which include:

Introverted — Extroverted

Sensing — Intuitive

Thinking — Feeling

Perceiving — Judging

There are 16 types in all. I’m not going to go into the deets of all these traits here, but if you want to check it out some more, here are some great resources and tests to take:

16 Personalities

Human Metrics


INFJs are people who are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging, and they may be different levels of those traits. For example, I’m only introverted leaning, at about 12% more introverted than extroverted, but I’m almost entirely Feeling and Judging. (Judging doesn’t actually mean that you “judge” people… it has more to do with planning and executing a plan.

INFJs are very rare (1-2% of the population) and often feel misunderstood. This leads them to seek out answers…! You suddenly know why you’ve felt so different your whole life!

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Does this sound like you?

“INFJs are creative nurturers with a strong sense of personal integrity and a drive to help others realize their potential.”

Truity hits the nail on the head!

When listing traits important to me, they’re all there:

  • Creativity
  • Compassion & understanding
  • Ambition
  • Positive influence
  • Strong system of values & beliefs
  • Integrity
  • Honesty


INFJ stay-at-home mom.

As a mom, INFJ

16 personalities says INFJs:

“will tend to look at their relationships with their children as opportunities to learn and grow with someone they care about. They will also work to achieve another important goal – raising their children to be independent and all-around good people.”

Raising my children as equals, seeing them as humans first and children second is of utmost importance to me.

Being a mom is simultaneously the most difficult thing I’ve ever done and the most wonderful! I always monitor everything I do and check in with myself…

Am I giving my sons what they need to grow and thrive?

Am I being a good role model for them?

Have I taken care of myself lately?

Being needed makes me feel like the luckiest person on earth. I love that my boys need me and I am more than happy to give my time, attention and love to them!

But I’m still my own person, a romanticist with lofty ideals, a desire to influence the world, and a hunger for success.

It’s a fine line to walk between the two.

I suppose it’s why I’ve started this blog. To document my journey into parenthood and the desire to balance my own needs with my children’s.

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I want to connect with INFJ Stay At Home Moms!

Women connecting over shared values

If you’re out there, will you give me a shout out?

Even if you aren’t an INFJ, if you find yourself thinking, “Oh my gosh, I feel the same way!” PLEASE, reach out!

Check out the Wild Simple Joy Facebook page or leave a comment here. Go and join the Mama Joy Facebook group! Subscribe below if you feel like you won’t get overwhelmed by having another email in your inbox! (I get it.)

Whenever you feel lonely or think that no one feels like you do, shoot me an email. I’m here.

I get it, I understand.

And maybe you’re reading this going, “No, that’s not me,” and that’s fine! We still want you to hang out with us!

But there might be another INFJ reading this saying, “Yes! I’m here! You’re not alone!”

Seeking INFJ Stay at Home Moms: A Connection Through Values.
Seeking INFJ Stay at Home Moms: A Connection Through Values.

Seeking INFJ Stay At Home Moms: A Connection Through Values