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19 Items for Your Stay at Home Mom Survival Kit

Being a mom is hard. Being a stay at home mom tests your sanity every day. So if you (or someone you know) is becoming a stay at home mom soon, you should consider putting together a stay at home mom survival kit. These are items that you can put together for self care, for sanity, just for you! (No, your kids are not allowed using these!)

Young mother with baby and mess needs to put together a stay at home mom survival kit

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Why You Should Put Together a Stay At Home Mom Survival Kit

When you first become a stay at home mom, it’s a transition, to say the least. Becoming a stay at home mom usually means giving up:

  • social time with adults
  • a regular schedule
  • having a boss (someone to motivate you)
  • a dress code

It also means that your boss is now a baby or child who uses a diaper, wants to read the same book 100 times in a row, and needs constant supervision to ensure they don’t accidentally hurt themselves!

Suddenly, your day is filled with:

  • lack of structure
  • few to no adults to talk to
  • few to no goals or ambitions
  • total destruction of your house with toys and books

Being a stay at home mom can be isolating and it can be difficult. But there are so many benefits to being at home with your child!

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Preparing a stay at home mom survival kit can be a crutch to help ease this transition and keep you prepared to serve your child and remain sane at the same time.

A stay at home mom survival kit should include things to help you stay healthy, sane, and help you practice self-care as you find the best schedule and routines for you!

These items are all for you! (Your children are not allowed using these!)

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12 Essentials to Include in Your Stay at Home Mom Survival Kit

1. Bialetti Moka Pot

Why you need this:

‣stay caffeinated (you’ll need it!)
‣easy to use
‣not another plug-in appliance

This is my absolute favorite method of making coffee, and we learned of it from an old surfer in Italy! (Yes, there is surfing in Venice.) The stove-top moka pot makes a coffee that is somewhere between drip and espresso, meaning that it’s rich and packs a punch! Add some cream or frothed milk for a perfect cup!

2. Lavazza Espresso

Why you need this:

‣delicious Italian coffee
‣’nuf said

When you get your moka pot (above), my favorite coffee to brew is Lavazza. This delicious brew only costs 2 Euros in Italian grocery stores, but in the States, it’s a lot more costly. I get it from Amazon to take advantage of bulk.

3. Mom fuel mug

Mom Fuel mug by Ava Reign Creations for Your Stay at Home Mom Survival Kit

Why you need this:

‣somewhere to put that coffee
‣trendy campfire style

This adorable mug says “Mom fuel” and boy, it’s right. When you brew yourself some coffee, you need somewhere to put it. If you don’t already have a cute mug, this one’s a great option!

4. Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Shop Golden Boutique, a great choice to add to a stay at home mom survival kit.

Why you need this:

‣stay hydrated through the day
‣plastic is so 2005
‣embrace your cheugy-ness
‣reusable and eco-friendly

These stainless steel water bottles are better than plastic and will help you remember to drink your water throughout the day. If you’re breastfeeding, you need this even more!

Tons of color and font options, and great reviews!

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5. Loop Earplugs

Why you need this:

‣noise reducing
‣keep your sanity and focus

When your kids are noisy, sometimes it can be difficult to get other things done. These earplugs don’t cancel the sound, just take away the harsh decibels that can ruin your focus, let alone your eardrums.

Just to be clear, I am not advocating that you ignore a crying baby or leave your cyber-schooled children to run amok. But when the noise gets a little too shrill, these can help you keep your calm so you can address the situation in the best way possible.

6. Natural Dry Shampoo

Natural Dry Shampoo from Rainwater Botanicals for a stay at home mom survival kit

Why you need this:

‣you might not shower every day
‣helps you feel clean
‣better for your hair than washing every day

If you’re a stay at home parent of a newborn baby especially, showers are difficult to coordinate. Dry shampoo allows you to feel clean every day without a full shower, and honestly, it’s better for your hair if you don’t use conventional shampoo every day anyway.

This dry shampoo has excellent reviews, it’s zero waste, and smells great!

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8. The Perfect Leggings

Organic Cotton Leggings from Una Pluma Shop are the perfect item for your stay at home mom survival kit or as a gift for a new mom

Why you need these:

‣organic cotton leggings are soft and luxurious
‣feel comfy while you are home

When you are a stay at home mom, you don’t have a dress code. For many (including myself) this translates into wearing leggings a lot. They’re comfy and allow plenty of movement, which is especially great if you play with your kids a lot during the day.

These particular leggings are my favorite! They are thin, so they’re not too hot, but they keep your legs warm in the winter. They’re long enough for tall people and they come in a lot of different colors.

The perfect leggings!

7. Phone stand easel

Phone stand easel from Fallen Tree Woodshop is the perfect thing to add to your Stay at Home Mom Survival Kit

Why you need this:

‣staying connected is important
‣you won’t always have a free hand for FaceTime calls

When you’re nursing, or playing, or have multiple kids to watch, having your hands free for a FaceTime call can be difficult. A little easel can be your solution. Prop it up on the coffee table, or kitchen counter, or wherever so that you have your hands free for calls.

It’s also great for looking at recipes online when you’re cooking, if that’s your thing.

8. Lip Balm

Heartspring Lip Balm from Heartspring Co: You're definitely going to need to add chapstick to your stay at home mom survival kit

Why you need this:

‣keep your lips moisturized

Lip balm should be a staple in anyone’s self-care routine. But when you’re at home in an unstructured environment, it can be difficult to stay as hydrated as you should, which means your lips will suffer. Keep them moist with these all-natural chapsticks.

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9. Natural Bath Bombs

Natural Bath Bombs with Epsom Salt from Gorgeous Soap

Why you need these:

‣relax when you get a minute to yourself
‣natural ingredients

You may think this is a luxury, but a bath bomb should be an essential in your stay at home mom survival kit. They’re relaxing and smell awesome… so when you get a hot minute to yourself, this is how you should spend your time!

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10. Silk Satin Scrunchies

Silk Satin Scrunchies from GoldenxHour

Why you need this:

‣if you have long hair
‣protect your locks from a baby’s grasp

Harken back to your childhood when you wore scrunchies! These satin scrunchies are a little bit nicer and will treat your hair well instead of getting tangled or pull your hair out.

If you have young kids, keeping your hair from dangling too low is a must. Those little hands will grab and pull any chance they get!

11. White Sage Sticks

White Sage Sticks from Yogi Depot

Why you need this:

‣clear the bad energy

Burning white sage is a spiritual practice used by many peoples to cleanse and purify a space. (Not to be confused with smudging, which is a very complex Indigenous American ritual.) White sage is a protected plant, though, so try to find organic or a local Indigenous grower/seller.

Whenever you’re feeling stressed, or if your child had a tantrum, or even if you had a bad encounter with a family member, burning white sage could help. Here’s a basic 101 how to burn sage for cleansing.

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12. Dark Chocolate

Why you need this:

‣rich and delicious

I know that some people don’t like chocolate (the nerve of some people!), but dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, raise your HDL (good cholesterol), reduce heart disease, protect your skin, and has even more health benefits.

It’s super relaxing, gives a little bit of caffeine for alertness, and can even be a sexual stimulus for when your partner gets home.

Plus 7 Luxury Items for Your Stay at Home Mom Survival Kit

13. Kindle Paperwhite

Why you should have this:

‣stop watching so much TV

A Kindle is the perfect addition to your stay at home mom survival kit. As a stay at home mom, there can be a lot of downtime if you’re supervising play or spending your days breastfeeding a newborn. Reading is your perfect entertainment. It’s not mind-numbing TV, it provides opportunities for learning and educating, and it makes you a good role model for your child if you want them to love reading.

14. Luxury Bathrobe

Linen Bath Robe from Magic Linen is a great luxury item to add to your stay at home mom survival kit.

Why you should have this:

‣makes you feel rich

Sometimes, even just slipping into a luxurious robe makes you forget your cares and worries. If you get a full shower or bath (if your partner or parents are watching your kids) you can really focus on rest. Because, let’s face it, being a stay at home mom doesn’t allow for a lot of rest.

Terry Bath Robe from Embroidered Robes

The linen one above too much for you? Maybe a monogrammed bathrobe is a better choice for you. Still luxurious without the pricetag.

15. Fancy Wine Glasses

Copper-dipped wine glasses from My Gift US. Add these to your stay at home mom survival kit for a bit of luxury.

Why you should have this:

‣feel rich

When your days are filled with poopy diapers, homeschooling, tantrums, spills, and no time for yourself, it’s nice to feel like you’re an adult.

Map Stemless Wine Glass from WellTold

If rose gold isn’t your thing, maybe a city stemless wine glass is more your style. This one is of Seattle, but there are tons of city maps this shop sells.

16. Wine

Make sure to add wine to your stay at home mom survival kit

Why you should have this:

‣healthy in moderation

You can’t have those beautiful wine glasses with nothing to put in them. Make sure you pick up some wine to put in them for your stay at home mom survival kit.

17. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy Soy Candle from Natures Court

Why you should have this:

‣certain scents can be relaxing

Did you know that traditional candles are toxic? They’re made from paraffin wax, which lets off toxic chemicals into the air as they’re burned, not to mention the bad fragrances and metal in the wicks.

These candles are made from soy and natural scents and have a lead-free wick. They have amazing reviews. Check out the list description for detailed scent descriptions.

Need positive inspiration? Try affirmation cards. You can take them anywhere!

18. Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

Fresh Shower Eucalyptus Bundle from Eucalyptus Blooms

Why you should have this:

‣natural decongestant
‣relieves allergies

Ultimately, this should be a part of your stay at home mom survival kit because it turns your bathroom into a spa. But honestly, there are all kinds of benefits to having eucalyptus in your bath. It helps clear your sinuses and relieves allergies when the steam from a bath or shower hits it!

19. Bath Tray

Bath Tray and Bed Table from Golden Creatzione

Why you should have this:

‣relax in the bath with your wine and Kindle and candle

When you’re finally able to get a few minutes to yourself, make yourself a super luxurious bath with your bath bomb, robe, wine, chocolate, candle, and Kindle. It will be the perfect moment you’ve been looking forward to all week!

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