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60 Positive Affirmations for Forgiveness of Self and Others

Forgiveness may be one of most difficult things that we may ever choose to do. It’s so easy to latch onto anger and resentment toward a person or to hold a grudge for the rest of your life.

But we can expand our embrace of forgiveness, even self-forgiveness, with affirmations. Affirmations for forgiveness can help you focus on the forgiveness itself—the release of toxic anger and resentment—and help you find the words to forgive in a healthy way.

Woman practicing transformational forgiveness with affirmations and meditation

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What is Forgiveness?

Let’s have a chat about forgiveness. Because while we like to think it’s a simple concept, it is, in fact, one of the most complex concepts of our time here on earth.

Forgiveness is an intentional or conscious act to release anger, resentment, and bitterness toward someone that may have wronged you, even yourself.

Forgiveness does not necessarily mean that you reconcile with that person and allow them back into your life. You can forgive someone from a distance; forgiveness doesn’t even need to be expressed out loud.

Forgiveness is also not something that only happens once a person has apologized. Many of us wait to allow ourselves forgiveness until we hear an apology. But chances are, that person who has wronged you may have no idea, or may be holding onto fear or judgment.

Yet, holding a grudge, holding back forgiveness is something that only hurts you.

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Biblical Forgiveness

Just a warning here, because the misconceptions above may come from religion, which I’ve seen many sites define forgiveness as “pardoning an offender.” I don’t believe that religion is being intentionally damaging, of course, but we do need to make sure we expand our definition of “forgiveness” so that we can incorporate more mentally healthy concepts.

Practicing Forgiveness

Many people may find that they would like to forgive someone, but that they still find themselves angry from time to time.

Remember, you can’t control your emotions… you can only move with them and not let them rule your life.

Personally, I have found that there certain are those individuals who I’ve made conscious efforts to forgive, only to find myself getting angry or being triggered by something (that may not even be something this person did, just something that reminded me of that person).

If you find yourself being triggered by situations after attempting to forgive someone or yourself, just know that this is normal. While forgiveness is an intentional act, it’s also something that can take time to fully get all those negative emotions out and reach a place of peace on the other side.

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Using Affirmations

As always, affirmations aren’t some magic solution that will wipe away all remnants of your anger. Affirmations are a tool that help you to focus on your goal—the release of anger—and to stop focusing on the emotions you feel toward this person (or yourself).

When you find yourself starting to get triggered or feeling overwhelmed with frustration or anger, this is the perfect time to do some breathing and recite your affirmations to yourself.

It’s also important that after a while, it’s important to let go of the affirmations themselves. After you’ve been practicing forgiveness for some time, it should become natural. So don’t hold onto those affirmations too tightly or rely on them!

60 Positive Affirmations for Forgiveness

  1. I feel my anger and choose to release it.
  2. I see this person in my minds-eye and wrap them with warm love.
  3. I thank my resentment for keeping me safe, and I set it free.
  4. I send light and love to those who have wronged me.
  5. I am healing.
  6. The past does not define me.
  7. I am choosing to forgive those who have wronged me.
  8. I am choosing to forgive myself.
  9. I forgive because I deserve it.
  10. I release my resentment and I feel free.
  11. I am wrapped in a cocoon of white, loving light.
  12. I am choosing to see past my anger to a place of love for myself.
  13. Forgiveness opens my world to love and acceptance.
  14. My love for myself is stronger than my anger.
  15. I am healed.
  16. I embrace loving-kindness toward all people and things on earth.
  17. I experience my bitterness—I give it a hug before releasing it.
  18. My anger is trying to protect me, but I do not need it anymore!
  19. I let go of my desire to be right and focus on my desire to be kind.
  20. I speak my mind with truth and grace.
  21. I am choosing to see the best in others, even those who have wronged me.
  22. I uphold boundaries firmly and calmly.
  23. When I am triggered, I breathe and release my anger.
  24. I feel my emotions start to rise, and I let them go.
  25. Forgiveness is important to me.
  26. Forgiving others means treating everyone with respect.
  27. Forgiveness means knowing when I am triggered by a past event.
  28. I am choosing to let go of my anger now.
  29. My hands are open and I feel calm.
  30. My jaw is relaxed and I breathe.
  31. With every breath, I release the resentment that has come up.
  32. I am committed to letting go of all my anger toward this person.
  33. I accept that forgiveness takes time.
  34. I am willing to take the necessary time to forgive those who have wronged me.
  35. I breathe in, I breathe out.
  36. I acknowledge that this person is doing their best.
  37. I see the truth amidst the anger and resentment.
  38. I forgive others for their ignorance.
  39. I forgive others for their actions that have hurt me in the past, present, or future.
  40. I am choosing to do my best.
  41. It is safe for me to forgive others.
  42. It is safe for me to forgive myself.
  43. Forgiveness helps me move on.
  44. I allow others to make mistakes.
  45. I am choosing to see the good in the person who has wronged me.
  46. Boundaries help keep me safe while telling others how to respect me.
  47. Boundaries are important for forgiveness.
  48. I hold onto forgiveness gently.
  49. I bring my mind back to forgiveness when I feel anger taking over.
  50. I gently release my thoughts and feelings of resentment.
  51. Forgiveness means healing.
  52. I am free from the power anger and bitterness once had on me.
  53. I feel my anger fully, thank it, and let it go.
  54. I am held in the loving arms of the Universe.
  55. It is safe for me to release my anger, hurt, and disappointment.
  56. By choosing to forgive, I set a powerful example for others.
  57. Others look up to me for my emotional intelligence.
  58. I breathe in with compassion, I breathe out with forgiveness.
  59. I am choosing to focus on love.
  60. I forgive for myself and my emotional health.

60 Forgiveness Affirmations to Release Anger

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