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52 Affirmations to Release Resentment and Bitterness: How Women Can Let Go of Victimhood

Do you feel like you’ve been a victim your whole life? Do you carry resentment and bitterness towards those who have hurt you in the past? If so, it’s time to let go of that Victim Consciousness.

This article will discuss 52 affirmations to release resentment and bitterness. When women can release their victimhood, they step into a higher consciousness and claim their power back.

Woman releasing resentment and bitterness with affirmations while walking in the rain

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What is Victim Consciousness?

According to Michael Beckwith, there are four stages of consciousness:

  1. victim consciousness
  2. manifester consciousness
  3. channeler consciousness
  4. being consciousness

While different areas of our lives can reside in different areas, one area many women can get stuck in is Victim consciousness.

In victim consciousness, you see yourself as powerless against someone or something above you: you are at the mercy of fate, God, or the president. Most often, if this is your mindset, you don’t even realize it.

But the signs and symptoms of victim consciousness are crystal clear: bitterness, resentment, judgment, harsh criticism, and, yes, victim-blaming. These are very low-level energies: not where you want to spend your precious life!

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What Causes Resentment and Bitterness?

Resentment and bitterness are often caused by feeling like we’ve been wronged or hurt by someone else. Holding on to these negative feelings can eat away at our happiness and peace of mind.

And it’s challenging to release those feelings, but it is possible. I talk at length about bitterness in this article about the stigma of the “Bitter Woman.”

Sometimes, but not always, this resentment comes from having our voices squashed and being told that we don’t matter by the patriarchy or by older generations (think “mother wound.”)

How to Release Resentment and Bitterness

To let go of bitterness’s hold on you, you need to do some inner work. This means identifying the root cause of your resentment and then forgiving yourself and the other person.

Don’t get in a huff just yet! Forgiving doesn’t mean condoning what they did; it just means releasing the anger and hurt so you can move on. (You can read more about how to forgive here. And then try some affirmations for forgiving.)

And once you’ve forgiven, affirming your new attitude is essential. These 52 affirmations for resentment will help you do just that!

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52 Affirmations to Release Resentment and Bitterness:

  1. I forgive myself for my past mistakes.
  2. I easily forgive those who have wronged me.
  3. I let go of my need to hold onto past wrongs.
  4. I release all resentment and bitterness.
  5. I am no longer a victim of my past.
  6. I claim my power back from those who have wronged me.
  7. When I let go, I feel immense relief!
  8. I release my state of victim consciousness.
  9. I step into a higher consciousness–one of forgiveness and love.
  10. I release the anger in my heart.
  11. I let go of my need for revenge.
  12. My emotions no longer control me.
  13. I am in control of my life.
  14. My happiness is not dependent on anyone else.
  15. I create my own reality.
  16. I am responsible for my own happiness.
  17. What I think, I become.What I feel, I attract.
  18. I am a powerful being, creating my life exactly as I want it.
  19. I am grateful for what I have.
  20. I live in the present moment, and let go of the past.
  21. I am at peace with myself and those around me.
  22. My heart is open to love and forgiveness.
  23. I choose love over resentment.
  24. I am a strong woman. I believe in myself.
  25. I am confident in who I am.
  26. I love and approve of myself, just as I am.
  27. I release all self-doubt and negative self-talk.
  28. I am kind to myself and others.
  29. I live my life with integrity.
  30. I speak my truth, even if it’s not popular.
  31. My opinions and beliefs are valid.
  32. I am allowed to disagree with others.
  33. I listen to my heart and intuition.
  34. I am putting my healing first.
  35. They guide me in the right direction.
  36. My needs are just as important as anyone else’s.
  37. I nurture myself, body and soul.
  38. I take care of myself, physically and emotionally.
  39. I am worthy of love and respect.
  40. I stand in my power.
  41. My compassion and forgiveness are strengths.
  42. I am grateful for my life, even through the tough times.
  43. I am resilient and can handle whatever comes my way.
  44. I trust the Universe to guide me.
  45. Life is a journey, and I’m learning and growing every day.
  46. I find joy in everyday life.
  47. I release my need for control and choose to enjoy my life.
  48. I am open to new experiences.
  49. I let go of my fears and live life to the fullest.
  50. These affirmations help me release resentment and bitterness.
  51. I am free from the chains of victim consciousness.
  52. I choose love, forgiveness, and joy!

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