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40 Affirmations for Getting Older and Aging Gracefully

As women, we are constantly inundated with messages about how we’re supposed to look and act. We’re told that youth is the most important thing and that aging is something to be ashamed of. This can be extremely difficult for women as they get older.

However, more and more women are choosing to affirm their age and experience. In this blog post, we will discuss 40 affirmations for getting older and aging gracefully!

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Women and Getting Older

Most women experience getting older with a sense of fear and dread. They worry about losing their youth and beauty and feel like they’re in a race against time. If you want proof of this claim, look at statistics for cosmetic procedures. From 2020 to 2021, “surgical procedures increased 54% and non-surgical procedures were up 44%.” Women accounted for a staggering 94% of those procedures.

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What Does It Mean to Age Gracefully?

Aging gracefully means unapologetically loving your life and not giving a f*ck what others think! -Wild Simple Joy

However, there is another way. Aging gracefully doesn’t mean denying that you’re getting older. It doesn’t mean hiding your gray hair or trying to look like you’re in your twenties. It means embracing your age and all that comes with it.

It means being proud of your experience and your wisdom. It means being comfortable in your skin, no matter how many wrinkles you have. It means accepting that you’re not going to be young forever, and that’s okay!

It means knowing that an old dog can, in fact, learn new tricks and that there is so much more in store for you!

It means taking care of yourself in a way that allows you to affirm your own experience and take back your power! Aging gracefully means unapologetically loving your life and not giving a f*ck what others think!

There are aesthetic boards on Pinterest and all sorts of sites dedicated to aging gracefully and embracing getting older. (One of my favorite sites is a woman’s blog that embraces graying hair!)

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What Does Getting Older and Aging Gracefully Look Like?

Really, graceful aging is widely varied. Here are a few pictures to give you some ideas.

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Just a Caveat: No Shame!

Mostly, what I have learned so far about aging, despite the creakiness of one's bones and cragginess of one's once-silken skin is this: Do it. By all means, do it." Maya Angelou

I want to add here that our goal in aging gracefully is not to shame or judge those who opt to get cosmetic procedures or dye their hair: this is their choice.

The people who get cosmetic procedures may have low self-esteem. By judging them, we could potentially make their self-esteem worse. Others may also prioritize success or family over their appearance, and cosmetic procedures are an easy way to get the look they want without putting in the time.

So please do consider that aging gracefully and embracing our natural beauty is a choice, not an ideal for every single person!

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40 Affirmations for Getting Older and Aging Gracefully

As you read these affirmations, make sure you don’t qualify them! Say: “I am beautiful!” NOT “I am beautiful regardless of my age.”

Your age is irrelevant. Embrace your fundamental right to believe in yourself and your power without needing to prove yourself!

And if you’re struggling to believe any of these affirmations, add the words “I am choosing” to the beginning. For example, “I am choosing to see my beauty.” Or, “I am choosing to be grateful for my age.”

  1. I am beautiful.
  2. I am proud of my accomplishments.
  3. I am wise and powerful.
  4. I am grateful for all of the experiences life has given me.
  5. I am happy with who I am, inside and out.
  6. My age does not define me.
  7. I am a unique individual with a lot to offer the world.
  8. I am excited about the new adventures life has in store for me.
  9. I am sexy and desirable!
  10. I am worth new and beautiful experiences.
  11. I welcome the wisdom my years have brought me.
  12. I embrace living into my golden years!
  13. The lines on my face prove my experience and power.
  14. I am comfortable in my own skin.
  15. My gray hair is a sign of my wisdom.
  16. I am enough!
  17. I love getting older, and I cherish every single day.
  18. I take care of myself so that I can age gracefully.
  19. I greet my age and experience with whole-hearted acceptance.
  20. I am grateful for everything my years have brought me.
  21. I now release any shame surrounding my age.
  22. I now release any shame surrounding my body.
  23. I whole-heartedly love and embrace myself, inside and out!
  24. I am wiser, stronger, and more beautiful than I have ever been.
  25. I cherish my life experiences and the lessons I have learned.
  26. I am excited to see what the next phase of my life brings!
  27. I cherish each moment as it comes.
  28. I live in the present moment.
  29. I release any worry about what I look like now and in the future.
  30. My body is strong and powerful.
  31. I am filled with confidence and grace.
  32. I radiate self-assurance and self-love.
  33. I am proud of my age and all that comes with it.
  34. My body is perfect, just the way it is!
  35. I love my age and experience!
  36. I prioritize joy and grace over looking young.
  37. Youth is wonderful, but so is old age!
  38. Aging gracefully means choosing to feel beautiful all the time!
  39. I love getting older!
  40. My life has brought me such wonder and happiness, and I know there is more in store for me!

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Affirmations for Aging Gracefully and Getting Older

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