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80 Positive Self-Care Affirmations All Women Will Benefit From

There are many types of self-care, including physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and more. Self-care is how we set boundaries around our free time and how we choose vegetables instead of cake for dinner. Self-care can look like many different things and has so many benefits, but mindset is one of the most powerful tools we have in our self-care toolbox.

That’s why affirmations are so powerful. Affirmations help us change our mindset and put us in a positive headspace. We’ve collected 80 self-care affirmations that will help you set boundaries around your time, make healthy choices, and feel good about yourself that you can use to practice self-care every day.

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8 Types of Self-Care

Did you know that there are eight types of self-care? These include physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, mental, social, environmental, and occupational self-care. To have a well-rounded self-care routine, it’s essential to include all these different types of self-care.

As Brianna Wiest says,

“A world in which self-care has to be such a trendy topic is a world that is sick. Self-care should not be something we resort to because we are so absolutely exhausted that we need some reprieve from our own relentless internal pressure.”

She also says that: “True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from. And that often takes doing the thing you least want to do.”

These are crucial points because many people think that self-care is simply a glass of wine after a long, tiring day or that occasional “mental health day” from work.

Take some time to examine your mindset concerning self-care and what changes you need to make to embrace proper self-care in your life.

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Self-Care as a Woman

Mindset is one of the most powerful tools we have in our self-care toolbox. -Wild Simple Joy (Positive Self-care Affirmations)

Self-care is often regarded as a very feminine topic… as if men don’t participate in self-care. That isn’t true at all! Men practice self-care daily, like upholding boundaries, lounging on the couch after a tough day at work, insisting on quiet for breakfast, etc. But this is a concept so natural to them (due to the way society is constructed as a patriarchy) that they don’t need a term to name it.

Women are often expected to bend over backwards for others. We are taught to be the “good girl” and to take on the mental load of the household. Thus, “self-care” becomes an important term for us to name the things we need to maintain equilibrium and continue to manage all the things we have going on.

I dream of a world where this is unnecessary, but it is for now.

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80 Positive Self-Care Affirmations to True Care for Yourself (As a Woman)

  1. I cherish myself and treat myself with loving kindness.
  2. I am taking care of myself in the best way possible for me.
  3. At this moment, I put myself first, and that is okay.
  4. I take space to breathe.
  5. It is worthwhile to find balance in my life.
  6. Self-care is a necessity.
  7. I listen to my body.
  8. I trust myself.
  9. I am on my own unique path and that is perfect for me.
  10. My self-care journey is always evolving and that is okay.
  11. I am grateful for all the ways I take care of myself.
  12. Self-care is a beautiful act of self-love.
  13. Self-care looks different for everyone and that is okay.
  14. I release the need to compare my self-care journey to anyone else’s.
  15. I am choosing to care for my mental state.
  16. My needs are just as important as anyone else’s.
  17. It is safe for me to assert my needs.
  18. I do not need to be perfect to be worthy of love and respect.
  19. My worth is not based on what I do or don’t do.
  20. I am not responsible for other people’s happiness.
  21. I can say “no” without feeling guilty.
  22. It is okay to put myself first.
  23. I deserve to take care of myself.
  24. I am allowed to make mistakes.
  25. I am choosing to care for my finances.
  26. My finances are important to me and I choose to make them a priority.
  27. It is okay to say no to a purchase.
  28. It is okay to say yes to a purchase.
  29. I trust my body and mind to know when I need a break.
  30. I happily uphold boundaries around my time and resources.
  31. I allow myself to say “no” when I need to.
  32. I easily communicate my needs.
  33. I am comfortable asking for help when I need it.
  34. I am choosing to care for my emotions.
  35. I release the guilt of prioritizing myself.
  36. I know that self-care is not selfish.
  37. I make time to do things that make me happy.
  38. I allow myself to enjoy my life fully.
  39. I take care of myself so that I can show up fully for others.
  40. My happiness is not dependent on others.
  41. Self-care is natural and happens every day!
  42. I am choosing to care for my health.
  43. My health is important to me and I make it a priority.
  44. It is healthy to choose nutritious foods!
  45. It is okay for me to eat foods that taste good!
  46. I release the guilt of eating foods with no nutritional value.
  47. I am choosing to move my body today in a way that feels good.
  48. It is worthwhile to care for my health and body.
  49. I am choosing to care for my relationships.
  50. My relationships are important to me and I make them a priority.
  51. It is okay for me to assert my needs in a relationship.
  52. It is safe for me to be honest with my feelings.
  53. I trust myself to know what is best for me in a relationship.
  54. I allow myself to walk away from a toxic relationship.
  55. I am choosing to care for my spirituality.
  56. My spirituality is important to me and I make it a priority.
  57. My spiritual practice looks different every day.
  58. I allow myself to believe in what feels right for me.
  59. I do not need to justify my spiritual beliefs to anyone else.
  60. I am choosing to care for my home and environment.
  61. My environment is important to me and I make it a priority.
  62. I recycle and compost when possible.
  63. I choose environmentally friendly products when possible.
  64. I support businesses that are eco-friendly.
  65. I am not single-handedly responsible for climate change, but I take responsibility for my own impact on the planet.
  66. I release guilt that I cannot do it all.
  67. I do my best and that is good enough.
  68. I am choosing to care for my mind.
  69. My mental health is important to me and I make it a priority.
  70. I take time each day to quiet my mind.
  71. I release the need to be constantly productive.
  72. Rest is just as important as work.
  73. I allow myself to feel all of my emotions.
  74. I am choosing to care for my soul.
  75. My soul is important to me and I make it a priority.
  76. I take time each day to connect with my soul.
  77. I release the need to be perfect.
  78. Imperfection is part of the human experience.
  79. I allow myself to be exactly who I am.
  80. I am choosing to care for myself in all the ways that matter to me.

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