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This Powerful Witch Protection Spell Has Never Failed Me

Two years ago, I was going through a tough time. I was struggling with relationships and some of the people who used to be very close to me. We had had conversations which had left me feeling attacked and provoked, and I felt like I had left myself unprotected, spiritually.

This is a somewhat difficult experience to describe, partly because I am clairsentient, and partly because we, as humans, simply lack the vocabulary to adequately describe energies we experience on a more spiritual plane.

But I went looking online for spiritual protection spells, specifically of the witchy kind, and came up sorely empty-handed. So I decided to make my own, and it was DIVINE. It works so very well for me.

There are two witch spells for protection below: one very simple incantation that you can speak (or think) any time of day or night to send protective energies your way, and a second one that is more comprehensive.

Read on for my spells below, witches!

A woman using a witch protection spell at her altar with candles, herbs, and paper with intentions

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Why Do You Need a Witch Spell for Spiritual Protection?

I’m going to be honest with you. When I would do “spells” years ago (I didn’t necessarily call them that) or would do energy work, I didn’t protect myself because I didn’t think it was important.

But after our house was broken into, and then I got sick following a falling out with some family members, I began to realize just how important spiritual protection is.

This is because words are magic. I wrote a post about choosing a word of the year, and I made a massive mistake in choosing my word for 2022 because it left me without necessities and very close to being in financial hot water.

When others speak poorly about you, even if their energy is not balanced, they can still do damage. Your ancestors who were not wise and well can impact you through shared DNA. (I used the full spell below to block an entire side of my extended family ancestors.)

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#1: Quick Spiritual Protection Spell to Use Anytime

I got this from Sal Jade’s Psychic course on Udemy (not an affiliate link), and I have adapted it for myself and my own needs. (Highly recommend her course, by the way.)

According to Sal’s spell, first you cleanse your energy with a few breaths. Call in Archangel Michael and Jesus (or other ascended masters you regularly work with).

Ask for them to send you X million rays of pink unconditional love, X million rays of golden Christ-Consciousness, and X million rays of royal blue Archangel Michael’s protection rays.

Thank them for their protection, and that’s it! This can be used for spiritual protection and for actual physical protection as well. I say this prayer before going to bed every night!

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#2: 7-Step POWERFUL Witch Protection Spell

I have used this spell multiple times to block negative or unwanted energy coming from a specific person. If someone is giving you unwanted attention at work, or if you believe you’re being cursed by someone with whom you had a falling out, this spell can help.

I have also used this spell to energetically block the spirits of ancestors who were not well and were spiritually preventing my growth as a person by keeping me trapped in a lower frequency. (Actually, it was an entire side of my family.)

But remember, while it’s great working with magic spells, there is no substitute for taking action in your life. If someone is stalking you, harassing you, or making your life purposefully hard, you need to speak up. Report what’s going on to someone of authority who can help you.

Because the truest path to magic and manifestation is by taking inspired action in your life.

*steps down off soap box.

Pre-Spell Work

Gathering Information

You may want to gather understanding or more clear information on this person you want to spiritually block before beginning.

For example, there were two people I believed were sending me anger and wishing ill of me recently, but with the help of tarot cards, I learned that only one of them was and it was unnecessary for me to spiritually block the other person.

If you feel you might need help determining if it is right for you to spiritually block a person, I do suggest a tarot card reading.

For this, I would cleanse and shuffle the cards. Then ask a question like: “What kind of energy is _(person)_ sending me?” OR “Should I spiritually block _(person)_?”

You can (of course) ask clarifying questions if you need to.

Check out my list of favorite tarot decks here, or my list of best oracle decks here!

Gather the Materials You’ll Need

Different black spell candles
  1. black spell candle and lighter
  2. sage, herbs, or incense
  3. bowl or bell
  4. paper and pen
  5. bowl to collect ashes
  6. any protective crystals you like to include (optional)
  7. besom (optional)
  8. mala beads (optional)
  9. tarot cards (optional)

Write Your Incantation

This is to be used in step 4 below, but we’re going to write it out in advance. You can write it on the computer or in a journal, but you will actually write it out on a separate piece of paper

I am not only an empath, but I was also raised to be the “good girl”meek and mild. Sometimes it is hard for me to step into my power.

Take a look at Step 4 below to see what I wrote out.

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Performing the Spiritual Protection Spell

1. Cleanse Your Space and Mind

Woman burning herbs

Do not skip this step!

You may be tempted to just dive right in, but if you’re an experienced witch, hopefully you know the importance of cleansing everything before you complete this protection spell.

First, I like to cleanse by burning sage, incense, or other herbs. You can also help to cleanse the space with bells, a tingsha, or a Tibetan meditation bowl or singing bowl. Sound is an excellent purifier. You can use your besom to sweep away any negative energy.

I also like to prepare my mind with a short meditation session or some deep breathing. Being relaxed yet focused and present is key.

2. Cast Your Circle and Light the Candle

Draw your circle, if not in reality, then at least in your mind. You can also use crystals to designate your circle. Close the circle around you when you’re inside.

Many incantations and spells have you write a keyword on the side of the candle and rub the candle with oil. You can do this if you wish.

Light your candle.

*If you don’t have a black spell candle, choose the color that resonates with you most. If you don’t have a spell candle, then a meditation candle will work (they usually burn for 20 minutes), or a tea candle, that’s perfect. If you need to use a larger candle, that’s fine! Use what you have.

Just be aware that if you use a larger candle DO NOT BLOW OUT THE FLAME. This will negate all the work you just did. Make sure that you snuff the wick when you are ready to close the circle/space. (Step 6)

3. State Your Incantation

As you light your candle, invite in your wise and well ancestors, guardian angels, or other spirit guides you work with.

“I call on my wise and well ancestors to join me.”

Wait until you feel their presence.

Thank your wise and well ancestors that join. Cast out any others.

State your incantation:

“This candle shall light the way. I am setting out to place borders and structures on the spirits that call on me. I accept the negativity no more.”

State your sovereignty if you need to. I did this because the people I was blocking were former teachers and authority figures that had held power over me. Here was my sovereignty statement:

I am Dawn
I am child of Mother Earth and Wild Woman.
I am honoring my journey and following my own path.
I am fire and words.
I am music and love.
I am truth.
I am the seed and the tree.
I grow and learn and value and adapt.
I am everything I expect myself to be.
I am woman’s strength.
I am woman’s sorrow.
I am power.
I am gentleness.
I am wonder.
I embrace my truth.”

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4. Write and Burn Your Intention

Candle on a witch's altar

I take the time to write out my intention during this spell itself. That way I can truly feel the truth and weight of my words.

On a separate piece of paper, write out the intention you drafted earlier. Here was mine:

“I respectfully uphold boundaries. None may cross. None may impose their drama, conflict, anger, resentment, disappointment, abuse, sadness, unwellness, or tyranny (add your own) on me. I respectfully refuse to participate. I do not adhere to your truths. I do not recognize your expectations or pressure. I am my own. I own my truth.

I also included something specific to the teachers that I was energetically blocking:

“I honor what _______ has given me, but I acknowledge that my spiritual teaching was incomplete. By placing these structures and boundaries in place, I am safe to complete my spiritual journey.” 

Once the paper is complete, light it on the candle you lit earlier. Let it burn completely into the bowl so that the ashes don’t get all over.

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5. Visualize Spiritually Putting Up a Wall

With that energetic cord now cut from that person or spirit, you need to visualize putting a spiritual wall between you.

First, visualize that person and what kind of energy they are sending you. It might look like black sludge, or it might be dark red, pointy light. (These are two variations of what I’ve experienced, but there’s no right or wrong here.)

Next, you’ll want to put up a wall. Typically, my spiritual walls look like an energetic shield from Star Wars. It exists and is impenetrable, but you can see through it.

Make yours whatever color you like, but mine vary from yellow, to orange, pink, or red. I find that these warmer colors are stronger because they are more grounded.

Visualize your wall coming up and blocking all the energy from that person. Test your wall to make sure it’s strong enough to hold them off.

Depending on the strength or tenacity of the energy they are sending you, you may need to fortify your wall with some affirmations, or perhaps make your shield a dome shape to protect all sides of you.

Once you are satisfied your spiritual shield is protecting you, open your eyes and move on to the next step.

6. Break the circle and allow the candle to burn out

Once your spell is complete, you may break your circle. (Again, if you’ve just done this in your mind, break it in your mind.)

Don’t blow out the candle. Let it extinguish on its own if it’s a short-lasting candle.

7. Properly dispose of ashes

Witch dancing in the woods

The ashes from your burnt paper should be disposed of outside. If you live near a river or something else with flowing water, that’s an excellent place. There’s usually a pretty good breeze where I live, so I like to toss the ashes into the air and let the wind carry them.

I find that this works best when you let the elements carry the ashes away, so I would avoid burying the ashes if at all possible. But if you’ve buried ashes from your spells before and found that it worked, go ahead and try it.

When you’ve let them go, do a little dance and release all that worry you’ve been holding onto.

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Your witch protection spell is now complete.

Spiritually blocking people or energies or even entire sides of your family is absolutely possible. Don’t be afraid to do this again every year or six months if you feel that it needs reinforcements.

You can also consider doing this protection spell based on phases of the moon or other astrological events (retrogrades, etc).

Also, because I’m don’t specify myself as a type of witch, I may not do these steps in the same order you would if you are an experienced witch with an established practice. Do these in whatever order works best for you.

I hope this witch protection spell was helpful for you.

Please let me know if you’ve tried it and if it worked for you!

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This Spiritual, Witch Protection Spell Has Never Failed Me!

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