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11 Signs You’re a Lightworker Witch

I have many labels that I’ve chosen for myself: feminist, clairsentient, Buddhist, spiritual healer, lightworker, witch. But in many ways, labels can distract from what we’re really trying to achieve and limit us.

If you’ve every looked up types of witches, or perhaps taken a quiz to discover what kind of witch you are, then you know there are so many ways that witches label themselves. Green witch, Kitchen witch, Cottage witch, Psychic witch… there are probably 30 more floating around the internet.

So I’m not certain if labeling myself a lightworker witch is helpful or positive, but it’s something that I chosen for myself that helps me explain my philosophy and how I operate in the world.

Keep reading to see if you might identify as a lightworker witch too.

Lightworker witch posing with sacred geometry

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What’s a Lightworker?

Essentially, a lightworker is someone who is naturally spiritual and has a strong pull toward helping others. They embody the traits of compassion and understanding, and often feel connected to all other humans and life on earth.

White Witch or Lightworker?

A term that I’ve seen floating around in witch communities online and in popular magazines like Vogue or Goop is “White Witch”.

Through the process of understanding and embracing the darkness in us can we move into a place where we can better help ourselves and those around us see the light. Dawn Elizabeth

Essentially, a white witch is someone who uses the light side of energy. They always want their magic to be used for positivity, the highest good, and to promote wellness in all areas of life.

By this definition, I would absolutely be a white witch! However, I feel that “white witch” only sees one side of the coin. We always need to look at the other side to see the full depth of life.

While I would never want to use my life to contribute to anything that would contribute to the suffering of others, I wholeheartedly recognize that if we want to get to the light, we cannot pretend the dark does not exist.

We absolutely need to sit with our “shadow side”, the darkness, in order to understand and embrace our darkness. Through the process of understanding and embracing the darkness in us can we move into a place where we can better help ourselves and those around us see the light.

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11 Signs You’re a Lightworker Witch

1) You believe in using your magick for good

I think most witches use their magic, their rituals and spells to do good in the world. But some definitely don’t. It’s also possible that a lot of witches think they’re doing good when really they haven’t done the work yet and don’t realize the damage they could be doing.

But when you’re a lightworker witch, you are like a white witch–you take the time to examine the truth (the real truth) and find what way you can best serve goodness and truth.

Sure, sometimes it’s essential to put up boundaries, be brutally honest, or focus on the path that empowers others. And that path can honestly help tear down old systems to bring about new ones. But it’s always in the pursuit of the greatest good and equity for every living being.

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2) You embrace compassion and understanding

Witches have always gotten a bad rap for being stubborn, radical, and wild, if not dangerous. But the truth is that witches have a lot of compassion in them, especially for the oppressed and those that can’t stand up for themselves.

Regardless, the lightworker witch always looks for compassion and understanding. Make no mistake–they will fiercely stand up for what they believe in, but they always try to look at things from all angles.

(Take a look at Amanda Ellis’ “Violet Pill” series on YouTube for more information about this. It’s EXCELLENT.)

3) You take the time to examine your shadow side

Just like trying to understand an external situation from all angles, as a lightworker witch, you also try to understand all sides of yourself. This means looking at every aspect of ourselves, including the ugly stuff.

Believe me, no one likes looking at the ugly parts of ourselves. It’s easier if our behavior and motivations were far in the past or deal with people no longer in our lives (for an example, read my post How to Apologize to Your Ex).

But I guarantee you that it’s far more difficult to look at our behavior and motivations, as well as how they affect others around us, when those things are fresh and ongoing. However, this is what we must do! And that is because it leads to #4…

4) You believe that looking at our suffering is how we grow

When we examine our shadow self, our imperfect choices, our suffering, this is how we learn and grow in life. This is how we are able to move on to new ideas, new lessons, and how we’re able to enjoy life more.

Yes, when you sit with your suffering, you learn how to be more present in life and how to love your life more through the simple moments. This might be more Buddhist than witchy, but I truly believe that there are so many aspects of Buddhism that apply to Wicca and witchcraft!

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5) You follow the Wiccan Rede (whether you’re a witch or Wiccan)

The Wiccan Rede essentially says, “And ye harm none, do what ye will.”

This is the same Golden Rule that you find in almost all religions: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (The second part just says, as long as you follow this guideline, everything else is fair game.)

When you’re a lightworker and a witch, you subscribe to this line of thinking. It goes with the highest good, compassion, and understanding listed above. Your focus is to never harm another person and to only use your power for light.

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6) You follow your heart to the highest good

As a witch, you’re someone who follows your heart, not your head. In our society today, we’re constantly bombarded with messages of making decisions from your head, being logical, organized, and masculine. Witchcraft is a much more feminine pursuit and label, and such, you’re already following your heart when you participate in witchcraft.

But more than that, as a lightworker, you strive toward a balance between masculine and feminine energies, which means always listening to what your heart says.

7) You’re always pursuing your higher self

To a similar degree, you’re always trying to take yourself to the next level, both here on this earth and spiritually. You’re always striving to understand more, take your craft and practice to the next level, and impact others in meaningful and helpful ways.

That higher self will always guide you toward a better you and a better world.

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8) You take your struggles and learn something from them

Like in number 4, when you’re a lightworker witch, you really focus on learning from your struggles. You know that the mistakes you make in life are your greatest teachers.

Everything we live in life is purposeful to help us get to our best selves. Struggles and suffering allows us the opportunity to accept the difficult stuff and see the other stuff–everything from the mundane to the wonderful–with gratitude.

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9) You never just “sweep things under the rug”

When problems arise, a lightworker witch would give an honest look at it to determine how to proceed and whether whatever causing the issue fits into their life.

This type of witch will not just hide their problems in the closet, sweep them under the rug, or otherwise pretend they don’t exist. When problems arise, the lightworker witch faces the issues with realistic optimism.

10) You want to influence others

Lightworker and white witches similarly don’t want to hide their talents and work. They want to bring what they’ve learned into the light for others to see and learn from. This can be particularly difficult to air your struggles and mistakes, but you know that if you can help even a handful of people then you have done your job.


Being a lightworker or a witch is never easy. But this is the path that I’ve chosen (or perhaps has been chosen for me).

What do you think? Would you label yourself a lightworker witch or a white witch?

Drop a comment below.

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Morgan Le Fay

Thursday 11th of May 2023

Before reading the 11 signs, I must tell you there is already the word you were searching for, instead of "White Witch", and it is not Lightworker Witch, but Wiccan. Wicca follows the Rede: "If it not harms, do as you want". Maybe there could be a distinction between Lightworker Witch and Wiccan, because most of Wiccans don’t believe in Angels or Ascended Masters, but since my Wiccan Path or Tradition is Shamanic, I can work with them without questioning, because I don’t believe in them: I talk with them. And if I can talk with them, they are a real thing. Both of them. As I told to a Green Witch about 20 years ago: it doesn’t matter we call them Angels (who's meaning is Messengers) or Wash Machines. I can talk with them, I can see them during meditation (and my two Angel Guides come in Shamanic Voyages too), so they exist. No questioning. Now going to read the 11 points.


Sunday 16th of October 2022

thank you for a well written article. I would say I'm a Lightworker with too . Just don't do any physical spell but would like to learn.


Wednesday 28th of September 2022

why I'm not a witch at all...just a lightworker.

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