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The Best Coffee Alternative to Wake Up in the Morning

Want to wake up in the morning without the bad side effects of coffee? There ARE good coffee alternatives to wake up that will power you through your day. Here’s my favorite!

Arbonne’s Fizz Sticks give you just enough caffeine to get through the morning without a crash, which is perfect for anyone who has sensitivity to caffeine or hormonal imbalance.

Arbonne fizz sticks as a coffee alternative

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not offer this as medical advice. This is my own personal experience and I encourage everyone to seek advice from their doctor before making decisions about their health. To view our full disclaimer policy, click here.

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Ah, the rich scent of roasted coffee beans in the morning–the bitter, creamy taste… There’s nothing quite like a cup of coffee. The best coffee I ever had was in Hawaii, on Maui, at a little coffee shop on the Hana Highway in Paia called Anthony’s Coffee.

Italian espresso in Italy holds a close second.

But, like so many other beverages, it is debatable whether it’s actually good for your or not. Many experts and nutritionists say yes, many others say no. But there is one thing that tips the scale for me. So keep reading to learn the facts about coffee, why I think it’s actually bad for you, and what is a good coffee alternative to wake up in the morning!

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Coffee Is Good for You

Pouring a cup of coffee

For starters, coffee is extremely high in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your body from toxins, so that’s pretty cool. It has all kinds of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B, folate, magnesium, and phosphorous, to name a few.

Drinking coffee also can potentially lower the risk of some diseases like Alzheimers and type 2 diabetes.

Coffee is great to increase endurance during sports and physical activity. Also, it has been said that people who drink coffee live longer!

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Coffee Is Bad for You

It’s not all good though. Coffee can be highly addicting, namely because of the high caffeine content.

Coffee can also cause a cortisol reaction, which means stress. Now I do everything I can to manage my stress, so why would I want to add to it?

Coffee can also decrease your sensitivity to insulin, making your body need to produce more of it when you have a blood-sugar spike. Yikes, that’s not good. But most of these bad things are due to the caffeine in coffee, which, admittedly, is a pretty high amount.

There are even known carcinogens (cancer-causing compounds) in coffee.

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The deciding factor

All of those things are a pretty good reason to not drink coffee on a regular basis. But for me, here was the reason that tipped the scale.

I have many problems with my gut health, which have led to many other issues over the course of my adult life. (Here’s a good explanation of gut health.)

Coffee is extremely acidic, which can wreak havoc on our digestive tracts, especially to those who have digestive sensitivities, food allergies, IBS, or other digestive disorders.

It can cause GERD or reflux, it can decimate our good gut bacteria, and it can cause long-lasting effects on our overall health.

I have found the acidity and compounds in coffee that can harm my digestive tract to be the most uncomfortable part of drinking coffee, and this is why I’ve chosen another source of caffeine for my morning energy drink.

Do I still drink coffee? Occasionally, yes. It’s like chocolate, wine, craft beer… it’s too good not to enjoy it every now and then! It’s all about finding balance.

But I don’t drink coffee regularly anymore. Here’s what I do drink…!

Coffee Alternative To Wake Up In the Morning

Instead, I drink Fizzies!

Energy Fizz Sticks from Arbonne are absolutely amazing in the morning. You can check out the product sheet below to see everything that’s in them, but they have caffeine, ginseng, and CoEnzyme Q10, among other awesome vitamins and minerals.

They give you the same benefits of coffee, without the harsh side effects!

  • Alertness
  • Increased endurance
  • High in Antioxidants

Here are a few other things that I noticed after I switched from coffee to Energy Fizz Sticks:

  • Less of a crash in the afternoon
  • No jittery feeling
  • Need less of it to feel the happy energy “buzz” 🙂

Because of the nature of the ingredients of Energy Fizz Sticks, they give you plenty of energy and metabolic support. In other words, it’s not a false stimulant feeling. You genuinely have more energy.

Fizz Sticks are also a healthy part of the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program. If you want to know more, check out more here:
Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living: Learn the Basics & FAQs

Fizzies come in Pomegranate (my fave) and Citrus (also delish). (They’ve just added a Strawberry flavor!)

I generally only drink a half to a full fizz stick per day. They’re absolutely wonderful!

You may be wondering about the cost. One energy fizz stick is about $1.20, which is less than Starbucks coffee (unless you maybe order a tall drip coffee with nothing else in it… and let’s be honest, who actually does that??! You know you’re going to order a grande pumpkin spice latte at this time of year!)

Besides, for the cost of your health and productivity, wouldn’t you rather invest in something that will improve how you feel and not just give you a little boost and some sugar?


Now, if you want to stick with coffee, I won’t judge. I know how essential that energy is to my day.

However, if you’re feeling the effects of a dying gut flora, IBS, reflux, or other digestive issue with coffee, Energy Fizz Sticks are an amazing coffee alternative to wake up in the morning!

Do you think you’d ever try Energy Fizz Sticks?

The Best Coffee Alternative to Wake Up in the Morning

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