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Wild Simple Joy is a platform for finding the tools we need to live a magical life of joy and wonder. While our primary audience is comprised of wild women, we welcome anyone here!

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What We Focus On:​

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Your Relationship With Your Body

Being healthy can elevate every other part of your life, from precious time with your loved ones to achieving all your goals. Find that balance of eating whole foods, moving your body, and treating yourself with grace and loving-kindness!

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Your Relationship With Your Spirit

Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, witch, or other, you are welcome here! Your connection to spirit is something that allows your life to expand and grow, and we provide resources to allow your mental, emotional, and spiritual selves to flourish!

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Your Relationship with Others

How we connect to others in our lives is one of the most important aspects when it comes to our life satisfaction. Here, we like to honor people as they are, practice active listening, and meet people where they are in life in order to deepen those connections.

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A self-proclaimed crunchy hippie, I have a passion for healthy living, the power of positive thinking, and walking barefoot.

I’m just an ordinary woman, but if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s finding the joy in life’s challenges. Join me on my journey to make life more magical and find self-love and acceptance!

You deserve a radically magical life!

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