The Morning Routine that Changed My Life!

The Morning Routine that Changed my life. Cup of Coffee and Spoon.

I read an article over at Affording Motherhood by Shannon that was so inspirational to me. This morning routine for productivity absolutely changed my life!

Being a working mom, my mornings are a cluster of hurrying, putting clothes on M, making sure I had everything for the day (which, inevitably, I didn’t) and rushing out the door.

Once, Shannon’s mornings were hectic and crazed too, but the morning she described in detail really struck me.

Relaxing with a cup of coffee, a calm toddler listening to a story, a clear counter and laundry already going?!

Sign me up! How do I get on this train?!

Girl stretches because her morning is calm and enjoyable.

At this point, I was already working on overhauling my life. I was writing affirmations every day and had started a routine. But I know that once baby #2 is here in April and I (hopefully!) quit my teaching job to stay at home, things are going to change even more drastically. I want to really immerse myself into my new role even before I take it on, so I decided to give it my best shot.

*Let me add here, that you don’t have to be a SAHM or mom of any kind for this to benefit you! Luckily, this is going to be something that is customizable for your life and your own unique circumstances.*

Morning Routine for Productivity

Here’s exactly what I did to make my mornings a little slower, and a little more bearable!

Step 1: Write an list of things that you do or would like to do every day

I’m a pretty thorough person, and heaven forbid anything be simple. I make everything more complicated than it needs to be. BUT it helps me focus on my priorities and helps maintain awareness about the things that I’m doing that are NOT serving me.

So begin by making your list. Mine looked like this:

  • Big glass of water with lemon
  • Breakfast (absolutely most important and happens the moment I get out of bed)
  • Shower & get dressed (minimal make-up)
  • Brush and floss teeth
  • Make bed
  • Write affirmations in my journal
  • Check calendar for the day
  • Pinterest (for blogging purposes)
  • Yoga
  • Lift Weights
  • Vitamins
  • Morgan breakfast
  • Change diaper
  • Morgan clothes
  • Morgan’s teeth brushed

When maternity leave hits in April, after a few weeks of inevitably bad sleep and finding a rhythm with the new little one, I would like to add in a few more:

  • Dishes & wipe the counter and stove
  • Load of laundry (probably diapers)

Step 2: Prioritize & figure out which ones are NEW habits to form.

Let’s be honest. No matter how much you want to be able to do all of the things in your list in 20 minutes or less, it’s not going to happen.

Breakfast is #1 for me. If I don’t eat, I get super cranky and, believe me, NO ONE wants that.

Big glass of water with lemon is important for overall health and hydration, so that needs to stay. Besides, it only takes like 30 seconds.

The other big hitters were shower and get ready (even on weekends or stay-at-home days), brush and floss, and make my bed.

Of these, the only new habits that I wanted to build were flossing and making the bed. That’s only 2 new habits, so lets add a few more.

Affirmations were new, as were pinterest, and yoga or work out.

That’s a total of 5 new habits.

You can do fewer, but I don’t suggest doing more than 5! You want to make your life easier, not more complicated.

Step 3: Motivate

Watch this video about making your bed in the morning. You may have seen it already.

Ready to take over the world?! Alright!

Step 4: Write your new habits down in a habit-tracker, planner, or daily journal and watch your world change!

Since I have been keeping track of my new habits, here is how my life has changed.

I have less stress when I go to bed at night because life is a little more organized and tidy. (This means more quality sleep! Win-win!)

I am healthier. When I saw the dentist, she was surprised at how much cleaner my teeth were, and how much healthier my gums were. All because I added flossing every day!

Affirmations have made my life filled with so much more gratitude. This honestly could also account for sleeping easier. I still do plenty of worrying… just not nearly as much as before.

As far as Pinterest, I’ve gained a huge new following and, now that I’ve launched my blog, I hope to see a good number of visitors from pinterest! I’ll have to wait a little while to assess this one more thoroughly. 😉

I started building these new habits for my morning routine, but I know I’m far from being done. Scientists say that forming new habits takes 3 weeks. I couldn’t disagree more. For me, building a new habit so that it’s mindless and easy… takes more like 3 months! Do what’s comfortable for you, but keep in mind that if you REALLY want to establish those new habits, you may have to keep tracking them for quite a while.

Part of my problem, I think, is that I have no willpower. Keeping track of my habits has enabled me to see these plans through!


Don’t give up—it’s completely worth it! My mornings are already slower and more satisfying with my new morning routine for productivity!

So that’s it! What kinds of habits can you instill in your life to make it a little more joyful and stress-free?!

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