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Weight Loss Chart – Digital and Printable Options

This digital weight loss chart can help you track your weight loss from your healthy living lifestyle from day one! Configured for both weight and waist size, you’ll be able to easily calculate and visually observe your fat loss.

Don’t want a digital one? There’s a printable one too!

Woman weighing herself and tracking  it on her weight loss chart.

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Digital and Printable Weight Loss Charts

I’m not a guru on weight loss. Here’s what I am:

  • a woman with a passion for being my best self
  • finding health and balance in life
  • organized as hell
  • thorough and detailed

If you choose to use this weight loss chart, it’s because you know that it can help you track your weight loss over the weeks. It’s simple, sleek, and no-nonsense.

Principles of Weight Loss

First, there are some things you should know about weight loss.

We all know plenty about weight loss in the media… fad diets, obsession with cardio, and “skinny” culture create shame, self-hatred and binge-eating. But when it comes to losing weight the right way, it’s going to require diligence, consistency, self-motivation and a lotta self love.

Abs are Built In the Kitchen

Healthy food for weight loss.

Nothing will be more important to losing weight than nutrition.

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When you’re tracking your weight loss on the chart, make sure you’re decreasing your overall calories and focusing on nutrition that rebuilds the cells in your body. (Eat nutrient dense foods like broccoli and salmon.)

Eating healthy is far more effective to losing fat than exercise is. However…

Exercise Boosts Your Metabolism

Getting fewer (and better quality) calories may be more effective in the long run, but if you want to burn more calories more quickly, you need to exercise your body.

You probably already knew you’d need to work out.

But did you know that building muscle is one of the most energy-consuming processes in the body? In other words, as you build muscle, you burn more calories.


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Ditch the Sugar


Many experts use the phrase “calories in, calories out” or “a calorie is a calorie”. While you could, essentially, decrease your overall calories, still eat junk, and still manage to lose weight, chances are, that’s not going to happen.


Sugar addiction is a real thing.

When you eat sugar, dopamine is released into the brain. Naturally, the brain wants more, and you continue to eat more and more.

Sugar is linked to over-eating and binge-eating, so if you want to avoid the temptation, then you need to try a sugar detox.

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Sleep Well and Practice Stress Relief

Don’t ignore this principle of losing weight, or your weight loss chart will look like a horizontal line.

Sleep deprivation or high stress levels could inhibit weight loss, so make sure you’re getting your zz’s and practicing meditation, tapping, self-care, or any other form of stress relief that works for you.

Don’t Forget to Change Your Mindset

Going into any lifestyle change with a poor mindset (“this isn’t going to work”, “I’m going to be fat my whole life”) leads to frustration, lack of results, and quitting before you’ve really made any progress.

Make sure that you are practicing self-love, affirmations, and gratitude for what your body can do.

Treating your body right starts with your mindset, so make sure you’re losing weight because you love and cherish your body. After all, it’s the only one you’ve got.

Calculating Your Weight Loss on the Chart

Make sure that when you measure your weight, you use these principles:

  • use the same scale every time. Different scales yield different results
  • weigh yourself at the same time every day. Your weight will naturally fluctuate during the day as you eat or use the bathroom. (You weigh your least when you first get up in the morning before you consume any food.)
  • Don’t get discouraged if your weight loss stalls. If you are building muscle, you may put on muscle mass, which actually weighs more than fat.

Remember, you can measure your waist, which is often a more accurate representation of fat loss.

It is totally normal to lose 1-2 pounds per week if you’re doing it the healthy way. Don’t get discouraged… keep doing it so that you can see long-term results!

Digital Weight Loss Chart

Weight loss chart on Google Sheets.

This is a generic digital weight loss chart. It’s a google drive document that you can copy to your own personal drive and have with you wherever you go.

Hopefully this should be self-explanatory. But just in case you want to double check how it works, all you have to do is plug in your starting weight and then record your weight each subsequent week. The chart will do the rest for you!

Ignore any weeks not filled in… the chart will still calculate them even though there is missing data.

There is also a second sheet for inches lost if you would like to measure your waistline.

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Printable Weight Loss Chart (PDF)

Printable 20 Week Weight Loss Chart from Wild Simple Joy.

This second weight loss chart option is another generic, multifunctional chart, but you can download it and print it out. It fits 20 weeks all on one page, but you have to do all the calculations manually.

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