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7 Abundance Blocks Preventing You From Achieving Your Highest Potential

This year (2023), my word of the year is ABUNDANCE. I plan to manifest all my deepest desires. Still, I need to ensure I’m fully aligned with the high vibration of abundance and that I’m not holding onto anything that could be blocking my manifestation.

You might be in a similar place right now, wondering what kinds of things might be blocking your abundance.

After a brief conversation with a stranger on Facebook got me thinking, I decided to do a lot of research. I also had to revisit many of my past manifestations that both succeeded and failed to determine what things worked for me.

Below, I will talk about seven abundance blocks preventing you from manifesting everything you desire.

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What is Abundance?

Before we go any further, let’s define what abundance is.

We often think of abundance as relating only to money, but that’s not the case. “Abundance” is a plentiful supply of something. You can have an abundance of love, food, things, or monetary wealth.

On a spiritual level, abundance is everything that was and will be. If you take away from abundance, you’re left with abundance; thus, you cannot add to or subtract from abundance.

What Are Abundance Blocks?

Simply, abundance blocks are misalignments in your life that cause you not to manifest your desires. These blocks may be physical or mental, but they are overwhelmingly negative in nature and do not align with your desired achievement, blocking that abundance from entering your life.

For example, if you desire to earn a million dollars in your business next year, but you hold deep-seated negative beliefs around money, the Universe hears your limiting beliefs as the laws you apply to your life and reimburses you accordingly. In other words, you won’t earn a million dollars.

Social sharing image with text that reads: What are abundance blocks? Simply, abundance blocks are misalignments in your life that cause you to not manifest your desires. These blocks may be physical or mental, but they are overwhelmingly negative in nature and do not align with your desired achievement, blocking that abundance from entering your life. -Wild Simple Joy

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Misalignment is the Primary Cause of Failed Abundance Manifestation

There has been a lot of talk in spiritual communities about alignment, increasingly over the last few years.

When you are not aligned with abundance, you’re likely still living in whatever state your mind has always been in, most often based on the limiting beliefs (or lack thereof) you received from your parents.

When you are aligned with abundance, you see abundance all around you. Every penny that comes your way is a blessing from the Universe or God, and even in the tough times, you see plentiful opportunities for gratitude.

Let’s explore 7 common misalignments that could be blocking abundance from entering your life.

7 Misalignments that Could Be Blocking Your Abundance

1. Poor Diet, Exercise Regimen, or Self-Care

When I first manifested my relationship with my husband, one of the things that I had been working on was my health. I have always had a sweet tooth, but I struggled with many health issues, including PMS and period cramps, digestive issues, brain fog, and weight fluctuations.

But when I started to clean up my diet and exercise daily in amounts that worked well for my body, I raised my vibration. I stopped eating sugar and empty carbs, which have low vibrational energy. I also prioritized high nutritional value foods such as leafy greens, sweet potatoes, and fish.

My newfound health raised my vibration and aligned me more with my desire, which was, at that time, to have a life partner.

When you want to increase your vibe and align yourself with your highest desires, poor health could be one of your abundance blocks. But keep in mind that it’s not as crucial for your health to be perfect as it is for you to be grateful for your body and treat it well.

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2. Cluttered Space

Another potential abundance block could be hanging onto lower vibrational items in your home.

This was another one of the things that I had been working on in 2012 before I met my husband. I had been holding onto many old items from my childhood, other items I knew were poor quality, broken, or I didn’t need anymore.

At that time, I had my belongings in a storage unit, and I remember going through all the stuff in my storage unit that summer. I must have donated 6 or 7 carloads of stuff to Goodwill.

This was also the subject that this random Facebook person and I discussed briefly. She claimed that you could manifest the things you wanted by keeping your house immaculate.

I disagreed, claiming that many times (the time above included), I manifested all kinds of abundance without having a pristine home. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized there was truth to what she was saying.

Ultimately, it isn’t important whether your home is without a speck of dust, but rather that you only hold onto high vibrational items that bring you joy (think: Marie Kondo) and that you care for those things you do have.

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3. Discordant Relationships

Any relationship full of strife or difficulties may be another manifestation block. You may have all kinds of negative thought cycles that start running when you know you’re going to be interacting with that person.

For example, maybe your mother-in-law has absurd expectations of you, and you begin to stress out the moment you know you have a gathering to see her. I’m not saying that you need to develop a perfect relationship with anyone who stresses you out, but you can do a few things to increase the vibration when you interact with others.

First, ensure you’re setting healthy boundaries and communicating what you need without guilt or aggression. Next, let go of anything they say to you that would get under your skin. You can’t control the other person; you can only control how you react to them.

That means being the kind of person you like to interact with. Be honest yet loving and understanding. (Try practicing the traits of unconditional love.)

Last, make sure you’re practicing gratitude for the people in your life with whom you have solid and healthy relationships! Remember, it’s more important to work on this than it is to get it perfect.

4. Fear

Here’s a HUGE abundance block that many of us don’t even realize that we’re feeling: fear.

Fear is something else that has been ingrained in us since we were children. Most of us don’t realize that when we or others are judgmental toward something, it’s usually rooted in fear.

Perhaps you’d love to be an actress, but you’re afraid of the attention of breaking it big because you’re unsure of how you’d handle it. The fear of failure is a great motivator; simply putting yourself out there and being embarrassed by not succeeding is reason enough to hesitate whether or not you should even try.

But abundance is BIG. And even though you might be telling yourself, “I’ll never make it… why should I even try?” there’s always room for everyone in abundance because it is infinite.

So make sure you’re working on letting go of your fears. (Try affirmations!)

5. Lack of Gratitude

Another one of the significant abundance blocks that people tend to hold is a lack of gratitude. Gratitude is the feeling of appreciation for something in your life. Most of us tend to take for granted things that have been steady or constant for us.

To have genuine gratitude, we don’t even have to think about what would happen if that thing was taken away. The most important thing is that we are aware of something’s presence in our lives and embrace the joy it brings.

Enjoying a warm coffee (without sugar!) from Starbucks on your way to work? Sink into the joy of this simple beverage!

Having a conversation with your husband? Take a moment to kiss him and relish in the understanding that you have someone in your life who loves you unconditionally!

Whether these things in your life are big or small, it’s all worthy of gratitude and celebration!

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6. Limiting Beliefs

Social Media sharing image with text: We don't have to be perfect.... quote from Wild Simple Joy. What are abundance blocks?

Limiting beliefs are another abundance block that you probably hear a lot about. This is similar to fear in that many of our limiting beliefs are instilled in us in childhood, and we don’t even realize that they’re there.

A limiting belief is a “rule” or “law” that we hold to be true but may not actually be true in the real world. For example, one of my limiting beliefs is that I will disappoint the people around me. It frequently prevents me from taking the next step forward, even when especially when the people around me are supportive.

What if I fail now? Then I disappointed all these people who believed in me!

There are all kinds of limiting beliefs. You should explore some examples of limiting beliefs to see which ones you have. These limiting beliefs keep you in a lower vibration and could be blocking you from your manifestation.

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7. Attachment to Expectations 

You can’t control everything. As much as you would like to, there are SO many things in this world beyond our control. Make sure you hold your expectations gently because holding onto them too tightly can block your manifestation.

When we have this expectation in our mind, it’s like a finish line at a race. We think we’re only worthy if we make it to the end.

But this is not at all the case. We have to find joy, meaning, and abundance in the journey itself! We must know that we are worthy of abundance whether or not we achieve that goal.

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Here is a wonderful and relaxing meditation from Mindvalley to help you focus on abundance by aligning yourself to your desires rather than your lack.


These 7 abundance blocks could prevent you from seeing the abundance and manifestation you are looking for.

But remember the most important thing: we’re all human. We don’t have to be perfect for the Universe to hear our true desires for abundance in all kinds of ways in our lives. We just have to cut out all the low-vibe clutter from our lives to let our inner “Star” shine!

Have you ever dealt with any of these abundance blocks?

Tell me below in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

Also, make sure you check out my 16 book recommendations for spiritual awakening and the best affirmation cards on the market today!

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7 Abundance Blocks Preventing You From Achieving Your Highest Potential

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