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30 Positive Affirmations for Capricorns to Liven Your Practical Life

Capricorns are known in the zodiac world for being practical, hardworking over-achievers. They’re realistic, independent, and effortlessly organized in a way that we all wish we could be. But when pushed to the limit, Capricorns can come off as distrusting, rigid, and cold.

These Affirmations for Capricorns should help you, Capricorn, both celebrate your strengths as well as to help you understand your weaknesses.

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What is a Capricorn Sun Sign in the Zodiac?

Capricorn zodiac sign

The basic facts about Capricorns include:

  • When you’re a Capricorn, you’re born between December 22nd and January 19th.
  • Capricorns are Earth element signs.
  • Capricorn is also a Cardinal modality sign.
  • The Capricorn constellation is of a Goat.

Capricorn, you’re the boss of the business world. You are practical, responsible, organized, driven, self-sufficient, grounded, and structured. So many others are envious of your work ethic and ambition!

Because you’re a Cardinal modality, you’re an initiator. You do not hesitate to take control, to weigh the risk, and to prepare for your journey, whatever that may be. You’re a doer and leadership positions are natural to you. You want to help your friends and family, and you’re very caring.

But as mentioned above, at times, a Capricorn can come off as closed-off, too strict, and controlling. Addressing these traits can help you reach even more people and become a better leader, not just a “boss.”

Capricorn Moon and Rising Signs

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While those of you whose Sun Sign is Capricorn might benefit from these affirmations for Capricorn the most, those of you with Moon Sign or Rising Sign as Capricorn might find that a lot of these apply to you too.

Just to clarify, you Sun Sign tells about your full life, your outer world and the events taking place in your life. Your Moon Sign tells you about your emotional life, and your Rising Sign tells you about your inner life.

While most people think about their Sun Sign when it comes to the Zodiac, all three will help you gain a greater, more comprehensive picture of your life. (If you want to learn about your Moon and Rising signs, go to Astrosofa.)

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More Capricorn Affirmations

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Horoscope/Tarot Reading for Capricorn in 2023

I’ve recently started watching my horoscope/tarot reading based on my own sign, and here’s the reader that I highly recommend. Chris Reck is a pro and always gives spot-on advice! Check him out!

30 Positive Affirmations for Capricorns

  1. I honor and embrace all my Capricorn traits, the good and the bad.
  2. I am a powerful leader.
  3. My friends love and trust my help and guidance.
  4. I am independent and strong.
  5. I graciously let go of things that do not serve me.
  6. I release my need to control.
  7. Others see me as reliable, hardworking, and independent.
  8. People love how helpful and astute I am!
  9. As a Capricorn, I work tirelessly toward my goals!
  10. I believe in myself, who I am, and my values and goals.
  11. I honor who I am, all the positive and negative coalescing into the essence of me!
  12. I am warm and inviting to others.
  13. I make the time to listen to and serve those who I lead.
  14. I focus diligently on building deep and quality relationships with people around me.
  15. I am happy to raise up and empower others!
  16. I swiftly take action toward creating an environment of success.
  17. I am an excellent mentor toward others.
  18. I love being someone that others can come to when they have a problem.
  19. I focus on being the kind of leader that values empathy.
  20. I manifest my dreams by creating my own reality.
  21. I embrace softness and warmth.
  22. I love creating a positive environment where everyone feels comfortable.
  23. I release my need to micromanage.
  24. I release my goals temporarily when I need to focus on connection.
  25. I believe in the power of teamwork!
  26. I trust in others to work creatively and productively.
  27. I am flexible and trustworthy.
  28. I love listening to others tell their stories.
  29. My traits get me a high amount of success in this world!
  30. I love being a Capricorn!

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30 Positive Affirmations for Capricorns to Liven Your Practical Life

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