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30 Powerful Affirmations for Virgos to Balance Perfectionism and Self-Worth

Virgos are known as the perfectionists. They’re ambitious, calculating, reliable, and grounded. But Virgos can also be challenging. (And being a Virgo can be challenging!) Virgos can struggle with self-criticism, being inflexible, and coming off as cold or stuck up.

These Affirmations for Virgos not only help to celebrate Virgo’s positive traits and strengths, but also to help you let go of these challenges to embrace greater joy, flexibility with life, and even a higher level of success!

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What is a Virgo Sun Sign in the Zodiac?

Virgo zodiac sign

The foundational information about Virgos:

  • People born between August 23rd and September 22nd are Virgos
  • A Virgo is associated with the Earth element.
  • Virgos are a Mutable sign.
  • Virgos are symbolized by a beautiful woman, a Virgin.

(Did you know?: “Virgin” originally meant “a woman unto herself.” In other words, a virgin was not someone who was chaste and pure… she was an independent woman who was not owned by men. History and the patriarchy has skewed this definition over the years to add shame to women and anyone who wasn’t heterosexual.)

Because a Virgo is an “independent woman”, virgos are in fact incredibly independent. They are analytical, reliable, and grounded. With their intelligence and organization, they provide for themselves, and they also like to provide for others. They define part of their self-worth on whether or not they can help and give to the people around them.

But Virgos can be fussy perfectionists who are extremely critical of themselves. Because they trust their own intuition exclusively, they can be highly skeptical of others’ motives, beliefs, and agendas. Virgos can come off as cold, stuck up, and inflexible.

As a Virgo, I can account for all of this, except I do believe that Virgos can be more flexible. As a Mutable sign, with confidence and personal development, Virgos can develop a good amount of flexibility in challenging situations.

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Virgo Moon and Rising Signs

Virgo woman illustration

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More Virgo Affirmations

Based on Virgo traits, here are some additional affirmations that may be helpful for Virgos:

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Your 2023 Horoscope/Tarot Reading, Virgo

“Hey there, Virgo.”

Chris Reck is a wonderful tarot reader and astrologist who reads horoscopes on YouTube. His readings are freakishly accurate, and they’re also highly inspirational! If that’s up your alley, I highly recommend you watch!

30 Positive Affirmations for Virgos: Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. I am fierce, independent, and successful!
  2. As a Virgo, I celebrate my analytical mind and work ethic.
  3. I am a person unto myself. Only I can define who I am.
  4. Others value my intellect and desire to be helpful.
  5. I am worthy regardless of whether I’m working 24/7.
  6. I deserve to rest and enjoy myself!
  7. I bask in pleasure!
  8. I release the need to be right all the time.
  9. I celebrate my strong intuition and self-trust.
  10. I love giving to myself and to others around me.
  11. I am bold, confident, and badass!
  12. I honor who I am, all the positive and negative coalescing into the essence of me!
  13. As a Virgo, I love my earthy nature and groundedness!
  14. I release the need to be perfect all the time.
  15. I love myself for exactly who I am.
  16. I love to go with the flow and embrace spontaneity!
  17. It is okay for me to feel all my feelings.
  18. I trust in the Universe.
  19. I trust in my family and friends that they have my best interest at heart.
  20. I am down-to-earth and relatable.
  21. People love my impeccable taste and style.
  22. I frequently celebrate my strengths and self-worth.
  23. I let go of my need to self-criticize.
  24. Others look up to me as a role-model!
  25. I know who I am, and I LOVE myself!
  26. I love to let my hair down at the end of the day!
  27. I step into my full power!
  28. I trust myself deeply!
  29. I find opportunities every day to be spontaneous!
  30. I love how ambitious I am!
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30 Powerful Affirmations for Virgos to Ease Your Perfectionism

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