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30 Positive Affirmations for Geminis to Merge the Two Sides

Geminis are the twins of the Zodiac world, and this can often lead to them being seen as two-faced. But the truth is that Geminis are truly creative, intellectual, and witty people and, like everyone on this planet, also have weaknesses.

These affirmations for Geminis are designed to help you balance both your strengths and weaknesses, from your enviable energy to your restless and impulsive behavior.

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What is a Gemini Sun Sign in the Zodiac?

Gemini zodiac sign

Here are some basic facts about Geminis:

  • Geminis refer to people born between May 21st and June 20th.
  • Geminis are one of the three Air signs.
  • They are a Mutable sign, more easily adaptable.
  • Geminis are symbolized by Twins.

Geminis are another mutable sign, which means that they are flexible and adapt easily to change.

Geminis are great friends to have because they are exciting and interesting. They can flit around from thing to thing because they find so much wonder and amazement in life! Geminis have a mind-boggling amount of enthusiasm and creativity!

But Geminis can also be overly independent, to the point of shutting people out. They are often tightly wound, and can sometimes be superficial. Because of their unquenchable thirst for knowledge and newness, they can get restless and impulsive when they don’t get the input they desire.

I have had Geminis who were very close to me in the past, and I can say wholeheartedly that every one of these things about Geminis is true!

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Gemini Moon and Rising Signs

Gemini woman illustration

Sure, this post is specifically designed for people who have Gemini as their Sun Sign, but if you have a Gemini Rising or Gemini Moon sign, this post can apply to you to! Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t!

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More Helpful Affirmations for Geminis

The affirmations below are specifically written for Geminis, but there are other posts on this site that might be helpful for Geminis who are working on personal development. Try these:

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Watch Your Horoscope, Gemini

“Hey there, Gemini!” I’ve been watching my horoscope again recently, and I find that Chris Reck, tarot reader is an excellent place to get my horoscope. He’s well versed in both astrology and tarot, which makes for a very grounded reading, and he’s always SPOT ON!

Highly recommended!

30 Powerful Affirmations for Geminis Seeking Balance

  1. As a Gemini, I love my insatiable appetite to learn new things!
  2. I have boundless energy!
  3. My creativity is a never-ending river of inspiration and innovation.
  4. People love me for my witty banter and quippy jokes!
  5. I accept leaning on others when I need to.
  6. I release the need to be right all the time.
  7. I love seeing the world through childlike wonder!
  8. I soak up the simple joys of life like the sun!
  9. I release the need to do anything right now and focus on being.
  10. I breathe in, I breathe out.
  11. It is okay for me to not be creating and to just be.
  12. My friends love me for my interesting nature and excitement I bring to social situations!
  13. It is okay for me to experience deep emotions.
  14. When I’m feeling restless, I release my need for new input.
  15. I honor who I am, all the positive and negative coalescing into the essence of me!
  16. I mediate to calm my mind and my body.
  17. As a Gemini, I know that my true power lies in who I am underneath it all.
  18. I am so much more than face-value.
  19. I embrace the time I spend making meaningful connections with others.
  20. I embrace who I am at the most profound level.
  21. When I feel the urge to be impulsive, I take a breath and pause.
  22. I am a powerful leader because of my innovation.
  23. I always work toward understanding others.
  24. I relate to others with compassion and empathy.
  25. I feel calm to experience life on a deep, profound level.
  26. I live in the present moment.
  27. I am filled with calm, humility, and kindness.
  28. As a Gemini, I love experiencing the excitement of the world!
  29. My friends love that they never get bored around me!
  30. I trust myself deeply.

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Affirmations for Geminis (Vertical Pinterest Image)

30 Positive Affirmations for Geminis to Merge the Two Sides

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