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2023 Affirmations for a Fulfilling and Balanced New Year

It’s an understatement to say that the last few years have been a challenge. A pandemic, an assault on democracy, a war in Europe.

We need balance, fulfillment, and to move from 3D living to 5D living in 2023 more than ever! So let’s use these 2023 affirmations to enhance your upcoming year, move forward with integrity, and adopt a mindset of unconditional love.

Woman lighting incense for a calm, peaceful, fulfilling new year in 2023

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There Is Enough for Everyone

We’ve been taught that resources are limited and that we have to fight for our fair share. But we know now that that’s not true!

(Even those resources like oil which are, in fact, actually limited, what’s NOT limited is the potential of human innovation to create new and inspiring ways to harness energy and power!)

So as 2023 approaches and you’re researching all kinds of things for a smashing and balanced new year, make sure you’re trying on a new mindset for size.

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Affirmations for Leveling Up the World

My personal word of the year might be “INVEST,” but my word of the year for the world might be “RISE.”

It’s time to rise to our best potential, not just for ourselves, but for everyone around us.

It's time to rise to our highest potential, not just for ourselves, but for everyone around us. -Wild Simple Joy 2023 Affirmations

This means leaving behind everything that didn’t serve us in 2022. Fighting with a friend? Reconcile. Angry about feeling stuck in life? Learn to go with the flow. Drinking a little too much? Time to get sober.

Sometimes our best years happen not because of what we ADD to them, but because of what we subtract.

And when we discard what weighs us down, it allows us to move more freely, to feel lighter, to love a little easier, and to embrace our true path.

Looking Toward 2023 and the Future

The truth is that no one knows what the future holds. But when we adopt a healthy mindset where we are open, accepting, understanding, and compassionate, good things start to happen in our lives.

Using these 2023 Affirmations can help us to focus on the good things in our lives. So we’re not only giving up the things that weigh us down, but we’re also giving attention to the things that lift us up.

If you haven’t started a gratitude practice, now would be a good time. Unconditional gratitude is a deeply moving practice that stems from radical acceptance.

It means that although you understand that perhaps you’re not where you want to be in life, that you are not going to squander your time wishing you were there. You are grateful for the things that are in your life at the present moment. It’s similar to the concept of carpe diem.

Don’t let anyone get you down in 2023.

(Not setting a New Year’s Resolution? Try setting a New Year’s Aspiration instead!)

Using 2023 Affirmations to Change Your Life

Remember, affirmations work best when they meet the 3 following criteria:

1.) They are PRESENT tense.

It is important to focus on how you’re going to feel once you have achieved your goal—NOT how you feel right now.

I will be a famous author.” This is in future tense!

I write every day to help me be a famous author” is better, but still not best.

Some good, present tense affirmations might be:

I’m a New York Times Bestseller!

My readers LOVE my 5 novels!

2.) They are POWERFUL:

I have good self-esteem” is pretty poor, don’t you think? Would you believe you?

I am a badass, sexy woman, mother, and entrepreneur who loves every second of her life!” That sounds pretty powerful!

I’ve said it before, but cussing can actually be therapeutic, so use all those nasty words!

3.) They are POSITIVE:

“I no longer accept toxic people in my life.” Is an example of a negative affirmation. The words “No” and “Toxic” stand out.

I only accept warm and generous people into my life.” Much better.

What Are Affirmations and How Do They Work?

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Another way to up your Affirmations game is through the use of Affirmation Cards. Use them regularly for that mindset shift you’re looking for.

Transformational Affirmations Ebook

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Affirmation ebook with 900+ Affirmations

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50 Affirmations for 2023: Fulfilled and Balanced!

  1. The past is gone! The future is here now!
  2. I let go of what no longer serves me.
  3. I embrace my higher self.
  4. I let go of the past and move into a powerful future
  5. The universe is making all my dreams happen!
  6. This is MY year. I have everything I’ve ever dreamed of!
  7. Wonderful, mind-blowing things keep happening to me!
  8. I am a magnet for amazing, knock-your-socks off miracles!
  9. I am in absolute balance.
  10. Wonder is abound in my life right now!
  11. I share unconditional love with the world this year.
  12. I am in alignment with the highest power.
  13. I am a powerful role model.
  14. I expect fantastic things to happen to me, and they do!
  15. My life is limitless. I can achieve, have, and do everything I’ve ever dreamed.
  16. This is a year of abundance and joy!
  17. This year brings me a beautiful, rewarding life!
  18. I radiate power and integrity.
  19. Others look up to me.
  20. This year, I release my ego.
  21. I am happy to welcome wealth, health, and joy back into my life!
  22. The Universe always has my back.
  23. I am living the life of my dreams!
  24. I am empowered and free!
  25. My past is behind me. I am free to live as I please!
  26. Positive change is happening RIGHT NOW!
  27. Wonderful things are happening this year!
  28. Life has exploded into abundance!
  29. I welcome peace, prosperity, and joy into my life this year.
  30. I have all the inner strength I need.
  31. I take a step to move forward with my life.
  32. I invest my time and money to things that align with my highest self and highest values.
  33. I am grateful and blessed.
  34. I am connected to everything in life.
  35. This year, power is rising in me.
  36. I handle everything with tenacity, grace, and humor!
  37. The universe opens itself to me this year.
  38. Peace is in my heart.
  39. My life is inspiring and radiant! I love my life!
  40. This year is the BEST year of my life!

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